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17 hours ago Natural Wellness and Edibles shared a video

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Nasio Fontaine - Jah Bless Africa


Friday at 8:53a Natural Wellness and Edibles shared a photo


Friday at 12:22a the glade

I want to know when there going to make it leagal for medical use in South Carolina ??? I live with cronic pain in my back ,legs, & arms and if I can use or smoke pot to ease my pain and get off about half the pills I take for me that would be wonderful I hope it happens soon... can you tell me if something like this is in the works or not?????


Wednesday at 10:33p begemot888

hello guys right now soooo many CBD oil sale online it is real oil? any advice what brand better to buy? Thank you


Thursday at 10:00a BobMarijuana_9597

Dixie brand is probably the most reputable.

Thursday at 10:24a ycm

Syringes pre-filled with MedWest’s purest CO2 extracted cannabis oil. Comes in half and full gram sizes. Packaging indicates exact strain.

Wednesday at 8:50a Jindal2 > Katebush



Tuesday at 4:56p jrmellem

I don't want medical advice but I just want to try to figure out how I will afford this if I try it. From doing a lot of reading, it seems like it could help a lot. I have not had any yet but would be open to trying the cbd since I don't have a card. It was hard finding any information on dosages but it seems like it was recommended to start with 3 mg and go up from there. However, other places talked about as... (see full post) high as 25 mg and more to gain any benefit. It is hard to try and figure out the smallest amount I should get to check it out and see if it will be something I will be able to stay on, if that made sense. I am hoping to replace pharmaceutical pain meds with something so I might have a high tolerance to it. However, I don't have a lot of money to put out each month. I am kind of worried about affording a monthly supply of cannabitiol if it is necessary to take an amount I am thinking, which would be at least 25 mg more than once per day. Does that even sound like it could be close to the reality of the situation?
Thanks for anything you are able to offer.


Tuesday at 11:34a Nariche89

Hi I am new and have a few questions. I am from Massachusetts and looking to get a medical marijuana card. I would like to obtain a medical card in order to treat my anxiety and sleeping problems. Also I am on probation for another year but have yet to be tested (been on probation for 11 months) Not sure if anyone could answer my question but, could I still obtain a medical marijuana card even if I am on probation?... (see full post) Any useful information would be much appreciated!


Monday at 5:13p strike1

got a question i know some can help me out with,
I can not smoke right now due to bronchitis again,if i keep on it will turn to pneumonia again. I have been drinking tea a ton,
Am i doing something wrong,I grind up my flowers,put in a small amount of butter and milk,and sometimes 100 proof vodka, I know thc is not water soluble than steep for 15 mins,and drink,I made butter but it makes me puke,anything I... (see full post) am doing wrong,I dont get the effects as I would smoking,I know some say to decarboxylation , but when I do that it like 100 people are smoking in my house, any help plz and thank you,


Monday at 5:00p suz11eq

I am trying to hook up here for advice on nerve pain in lower back every day. Want to keep away from back shots and less celebrex. How to find and get the product without being stoned all the time. Smoking causes sinus headaches for me. Advice anyone.


Monday at 6:43p Teacherssl

This is exactly what I want to know too.

Thursday at 10:01a BobMarijuana_9597

Look for an indica strain high in CBD, low in THC

6 days ago newby > Ask Jan

i forgot to add i am growing in hydro


6 days ago newby > Ask Jan

why are my leaves turning yellowish green before their time ? what nutrients am i missing?


6 days ago newby

i have leaves turning yellowish green before their time , what am i missing in my nutrients?


1 week ago Natural Wellness and Edibles shared a photo
Master Kush WEBISODE #1


1 week ago moses

Hey Bill, I checked out rev Davis"s web sites, I'm still readying
It all makes sense to me. I know how the Catholic church works. I've been anointed. Not with the real stuff. I guess this could be like a born again thing. Catholics get confirmed at 13 or 14. ' it's to reaffirm your baptism decision. You drink wine and eat bread and get oil in the middle of the forehead, over the third eye


1 week ago moses

I feel so high, I even touch the sky, above the falling rain.


Monday at 5:07p strike1

right on moses glad you are feeling better,i know what you

1 week ago SuAn > Kyle Kushman

Hello, I have a leukaemia and I started treatment that give me side effects (nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, depression, joint and bone pain) and I was wondering if cannabis could help me. I am not smoking though... I could eat it? Or shall I try inhaling? And which plant ot type would be the best to treat nausea and to increase my appetite again? I am a new user and dont know a lot about it and dont want to... (see full post) just take whatever I get. Thank you a lot, SnAn


1 week ago Bill Hembree

SuAn, Kyle le is busy promoting his new line of veganic soil. Do you have a mmj recommendation, in what state?

1 week ago SuAn

Hey Bill, Thank you for letting me know. Thats very nice. I am actually living in Glasgow (UK) and I am very often in Berlin since I grew up there. :/

1 week ago jenndavis116 > DetroitLeader65

Today recovering.. Nice to just lay here and smoke. I need this time so I can heal from another surgery..


1 week ago moses

Rock some down time, peace

1 week ago moses

Look for rev. Gregory Karl Davis on youtube

1 week ago Kimmy Kush and Friends shared a video

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Sanjay Gupta, CNN's Chief Medical Correspondant and His 1st Special Report on Medical Marijuana... the following video is his 2nd Report


1 week ago Kimmy Kush and Friends shared a video

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Sanjay Gupta, CNN's Chief Medical Correspondant and His Special Report on Medical Marijuana


1 week ago Jindal2 > Kimmy Kush and Friends

Any recipes on cannabis suppositories? How you make/ingest instructions???

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