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2 hours ago Hittdogg17 shared a photo

Happy 4/20 everybody!!!


19 hours ago jason132 shared a photo

this is probably the biggest plant, how's it looking?


13 hours ago scwibbert

Looks good!

12 hours ago jason132

they are really starting to smell now, just makes me more and more anxious! LOL! Thank you

22 hours ago Sierra Sativa shared a video

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What is cannabidiol? Sanjay gupta Reports...


2 hours ago Hittdogg17

That's the stuff in the plant that is the real medicine. Doesn't get you high though. Helps epilepsy patients with seizures. Wonder drug. ..

22 hours ago Sierra Sativa shared a video

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Take a closer look at what Terpenes are and how they react within the cannabis plant.


Yesterday at 12:06p jason132 shared a photo

should I worry about the torn leaf? Or does it really not matter


23 hours ago Bill Hembree

What does your medium/soil consist of?

20 hours ago jason132

if you mean those white dots that was my fault, I forgot to integrate vermiculite within my soil so I decided to sprinkle it on top, further realizing my mistake

Yesterday at 5:38p gman4201975

Iam a 38 year old male who suffers with back pain every day,for this pain I take 16 to 20 prescription pills everday. On top of that I take 5 anti-seizure pills, 2 anti-depression pills, and 4 hypertension pills.Taking these pills is not the problem,the problem is the side-effects.The side-effects of my medications are...dizziness,loss of appetite,thoughts of suicide,slurred speach,memory loss and I have also... (see full post) aquired a slight stutter.Recently I have started self-medicated (I guess some would say)with marijuana and the differences blew my mind.I started eating again,I started spending more time with my wife and kids because I was no longer depressed,the stuttering totally vanishes when I use marijuana,but most impressive to me is I can actually feel an un-believable decrease in pain.So I ask you..."Why would anyone want to take the man-made chemicals that I have to take,and suffer the side-effects of these chemicals when such a wonderful,natural and much safer medication in which the benefits are far more greater than the side-effcts".I know alone one is not so loud but together our voices can be heardloud and clear.LET IT BE OUR DECISION,IT'S OUR LIVE!!!!!!


Yesterday at 10:12p moses

Welcome to club of believers. I've been there, still there. not that it's a contest, 25 year pain patient, if you need advise your in a good place here

Yesterday at 1:41a Mendocino Mike

Freedom [free-duhm] Noun DefinitionWebster's Dictionary
1. the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint:
2. exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.
3. the power to determine action without restraint.
4. political or national independence.
5. personal liberty, as opposed to bondage or slavery: >>>... See Full Comment />Hmmm... I'm feeling a contradiction in terms, something seems to be askew....

Yesterday at 5:04p jason132 shared a photo

does this plant look healthy in any of your opinions? Anything you can see that I should be doing differently? I really want to ensure my plants are healthy, and I trust that everyone here knows what they're doing, so glad I have help from you people! Thank you


Yesterday at 6:19a Bill Hembree

Jason, please be sure to let us know if everything works out per our advice...

Yesterday at 11:26a jason132

I am so glad I became a part of this website!! This is just amazing, thank you all!

Friday at 10:55a Ask Jan shared a video

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Dr Sanjay Gupta's Original CNN Special on "WEED"


Friday at 10:53a Ask Jan shared a video

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Dr Sanjay Gupta's "WEED 2" Documentary on CNN


Yesterday at 6:20a Bill Hembree

Hey Mike, you left your pack in the barn...

23 hours ago Sierra Sativa

Hi dad, I grabbed your pack... that good stuff you had in the zippered pouch is all gone... i wonder where it went :)

Thursday at 11:30p moses

To all you people who ask for medication, try bluebird botanicals, you may get some relief from the cbd oil, it's not right for everyone but it's better than not doing anything, or the same thing. Get involved with a movement in your state and vote. Stop asking for people to send you stuff, the man does stuff like that.

Jan and. Bill thank you for trying to help me, I thing opiate detox for out of... (see full post) state patients is a pipe dream, I've wrote harborside twice, no answer, I'm going to have to call. No one likes to give people bad news. I'm on day two cbd oil, I'm still fighting too early to tell


Yesterday at 6:22a Bill Hembree

Moses, I will be talking with Aseem at Oaksterdam this coming Wednesday, hopefully, he can point us/you in the right direction... we have only just begun...

Yesterday at 6:52a moses

Thank you, I just started using cbd oil. Too early to tell if it works for me, thank you for all the help,

Thursday at 9:57p jason132 shared a photo

getting more and more worried, getting browner by the day...


Friday at 12:22p jason132

thank you, so very much!!

13 hours ago scwibbert

Don't need to worry. Looks like a plant started from seed. They will drop their lower leaves occasionally. Doesn't mean you should worry. Keep feeding it clean water until it has at least four nodes

Thursday at 2:00p Helpmeimsick

OK big question I see 3 of 4 drs tomorrow how do I now that the medical marijuana law is passed here in Maryland how do I talk to my Dr about saying yes help me if you can


Thursday at 10:59a PapaGanja shared a link Happy Thursday Friends! Hope you are feeling well today. Marine layer and clouds can't hold back our enthusiasm for a healthy life free of perscription medication that destroys the liver.

TODAY'S SPECIAL: ***OMG Thursday*** Members receive ANY 1/4 2 different Strains when you donate $85. I'd pick Blue Maui (mellow happy) and Earth Kush or La Con (pain free relax)! :)

Thank you for considering... (see full post) us for your legal medical needs. Better Medicine.... Better Living.™ Papa Ganja


Friday at 12:15p PapaGanja

Thanks Jan! We can only serve our community in South Orange County.

Yesterday at 10:33a Helpmeimsick

Ok well thank you for letting me know

Thursday at 10:49a jason132 shared a photo

without thinking I sprinkled vermiculite on top of my soil because I forgot to integrate it within, could this possibly cause the plant to burn?


Friday at 1:37a Ask Jan

Absolutely not... vermiculite is inert and will only harm your plants if you put a half inch or more on top of your plant's soil or medium, which can seal in the moisture and keep your plants from transpiring... (breathing)

Thursday at 9:14a Glass004 > medicalmarijuanacenter

Combustion of marijuana, Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome, Vaporizing
In spite of the bias of some of the medical articles on the subject the cause and effect of chronic smoking and CVS seemed true to me.
I have smoked for 40 years and had CVS for 20 years. When I started vaporizing for 2.5 years I had no recurrence. My vaporizer broke and I smoked again. I got CVS again on month later. After progressing to... (see full post) every two week CVS episodes I choked up the bucks and bought another vaporizer. Now 4 months without CVS symptoms. I believe there are compounds produced with combustion that cause CVS. These compounds work on the Hypothalamus and other autonomic body systems.
I might not convince you now, but maybe this post will trigger a response for those with whom this rings true.


Yesterday at 12:24a Glass004

I can speak for the digital readout on my Ascent. I like the control. I use lower temp for initial puffs and great flavor. Then I bump up the temp stepwise X 2 to fully cook out the load. I am sure there are plenty of unvaped cannabinoids in the cooked herb, but I am surprised you can get good butter from cooked herb. Mine is almost black (from 430F when I am through. They say vaporizers are supposed to be the... See Full Comment most efficient way to inhale MJ

Yesterday at 2:20a Mendocino Mike

I'm pretty sure Moses is saying he uses the "leftovers" to make butter, rather than bumping up the temp to cook out the load. This one sentence describes three types of consumption, which produce three different "highs"

Thursday at 8:51a Glass004

Just joined up. I have got to put this out there. I have CVS. I smoked heavy for 40 years, with CVS 20 years. I bought a vaporizer and for two years I vapped, and did not have CVS. I went back to smoking when vaporizer broke. CVS came back. Now on new vaporizer for 4 months now with no more episodes. Recently occurred every two weeks. DO NOT SMOKE POT. Vaporize it if you must have it. PEACE and good health to... (see full post) you.


Thursday at 10:51a PapaGanja

Happy for your health. Which vaporizer do you find is most effective for you?

Thursday at 11:21a Glass004

I have used the iolite and like the portability. I just bought the ascent vaporizer and really find it effective. At a higher selected temp I can get a big enough dose of THC as I get with a toke on the pipe. The advances and features of the Ascent are worth the big bucks.

Thursday at 8:49a Helpmeimsick

Quick question the people in the LATEST FORUMS TOPICS are they able to be trusted I need to find meds ASAP I'm in pain and my seizures are not fun plez let me know


Yesterday at 2:41a Mendocino Mike

Do not do business with anyone that cannot put their medicine in your hands when you put your money in their hands. I realize you are in pain, but don't make it worse by letting these jerk offs trick you out of your money. Bill and Jan are doing everything they can to keep this con artists off this site. Never trust anyone that wants you to text your order, ect... please identify the member you are referring to.... See Full Comment BTW, Bill and Jan are two of my favorite four people on the planet, we worked side by side for decades, Sierra is my daughter.

Yesterday at 6:24a Bill Hembree

I can't figure out how to delete Kevin Mike, however, I will get 'er done...

Wednesday at 11:26p diegokush shared a video

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Wednesday at 11:12p jason132 shared a photo

the tip of one of my leaves is also going very brown, I truly need help and hopefully soon! Thank you very much


Thursday at 1:39a Ask Jan

Damn it all! I just finished a two paragraph dissertation and lost it by hitting the wrong key,
It looks like this plant got too dry at one time. Pop the root plug out of the container and check the roots, they should be very white and fuzzy.If there is any browning, they got to dry, or possibly stayed too wet. A great way to keep an eye on the roots of small plants and clones is to start them in clear... See Full Comment drinking plastic cups, at least 6" deep for seed plants like this one. Then, slip the clear cup into a colored cup the same size, make sure you put holes in the bottoms of both, which is easier to do to, two cups at a time. Then, you can easily check the vitality of you roots any time... be sure not to over water, as the transpiration from wet to dry promotes plant health and vigorous root growth. Let them almost dry out completely before watering again, but keep an eagle eye on them, and make sure they do not dry out too much, which can happen in the blink of an eye. If they are almost dry and the lights will on for another two hours or more and you are going out on the town, be sure to give them enough water to last until the lights go out, or until you plan to return... this is just an example or the variables in our midst that can make or break us... BTW, with care, this plant will recover in no time with proper handling and care...

Wednesday at 11:10p jason132 shared a photo

the leaves are very crinkled and seem to be very dry, the light is high above the plant but not too high, really struggling to figure out the problem, please help me!


Yesterday at 2:55a Mendocino Mike

When you think they are nearly dry that is 90% -- look at the drain holes of the container the plant is in, stick a finger in the drain holes, you should be able to feel a little bit of dampness... regardless, do not over think the situation, the fact is, if the plants are in the ground, you have a lot of wiggle room, when the plants are in pots, inside or outside, you can't phuck around, plants in pots can be... See Full Comment 100% dry, but never for more than an hour.

Yesterday at 11:27a jason132

thank you Mike!! Very very helpful!!

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