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6 minutes ago ThePhoenixCollective > Kyle Kushman

Morning Kyle - just popping in a hello (Meki)


about an hour ago tavonoils

CALL/TEXT (678) 304-8543/ (770) 462-4335
Medical marijuana is the most natural and safest treatment for
nearly ALL medical ailments with zero negative side-effects.
We have strains available which Helps ALL cancers,
Arthritis,Chronic Pain,Back Pain,Migraines,Muscle

Spasms,Depression,Alzheimer’s,Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
(see full post) />Fibromyalgia,Glaucoma,Nausea,Anorexia,Insomnia,Lupus,Movement

Disorders,Autism,HIV / AIDS, and many more
CALL/TEXT (678) 304-8543/ (770) 462-4335
White widow
Girls scout cookies
Grand daddy purple
Og kush
Northern light
Green Crack
And more...
CALL/TEXT (678) 304-8543/ (770) 462-4335


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2 hours ago tavonoils

cannabis oil cures cancer.Let's share the good news and fight the good fight


2 hours ago tavonoils shared a video

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10 hours ago Lynn61 shared a photo

going to get my card on June 1st I'. My disability rate is 60% with the VA.


3 hours ago ThePhoenixCollective

Where are you from? Let us know - if you're in the San Fernando Valley - we love new patients.

12 hours ago ShereeKrider shared a link This is the story of my situation as it stands now. Remember that both me and Erin resided in KENTUCKY where true medical marijuana is not allowed. I have lost all of my Doctors --- I believe that it was because of my Activism in Marijuana ---- and use of course.


12 hours ago ShereeKrider shared a link An update to Ms. Erin Vu's plight. She passed away on April 10, 2015.


15 hours ago mach_brown00 shared a photo

Quickly email us at
CALL/TEXT 518-712-7237 for more details to place your order
Cure -( Cancer, back pain, sleeping, stress , apitite etc Top strains avaliable.For sell . INDICA and SATIVA . all strains are avaliable . Hash oil ,shatter and wax Available !!!Below are the strains we have .we do discreet shipping and NO signatures required... (see full post) during delivery. the parcel has no label indicating it is carrying the 420.
We do give high discounts for orders above 2 to 3 oz. Our minimum order is 1 Oz .
*AK 47 Kush###Grade AA+
*Blueberry Kush###Grade AAA+
*purple Kush ###Grade AA+
*GRAPE APE####Garde AA+
*BLUE DREAM ###Garde AA+
*BLUE DREAM ####Garde AA+
*Grand Daddy,P####Garde AA+
*White Widow###Grade AA+
*Hawaii-Skunk###Grade AA+
*Hindu Kush###Grade AA+
*Super Silver Haze###Grade AA+
*Real OG###Grade AA+
*Super Skunk###Grade AA+
Deliverance Smoke
dream smoke
Dutch Haze
Frost Herbal Smoke mix
K4 Max Summit
K4 Purple Haze
K3 Blueberry
K3 Dynomite
K1 Gravity
Red Magic Incense,
kush herbal incense,
Mr.Nice Guy.
Cloud 10,
Space herbal incense,
Black mamba,
Purple Kush
Funky Skunk,
Big Budz Smoke
Blueberry haze
Bubble Gum Kush
buddha’s sister
Blue Pearl Spice
Buddha Spice
Hush Solid Strawberry
Lemon kush
Sour diesel
Ak 47
OG Kush
Afghan kush
Purple haze
Girl scout cookies
Ocean Breeze
Diesel (not nyc)
Afgani Kush
Purple Haze
White Widow
OC Bubbleberry
Bonzai blend
JWH series
Space herbal incense
Funky Skunk
Sex Pot
Bayou Blaster
California Orange Buds
Haiwan Buds
Crunky Monkey
Hindu kush
Algerian herbal blend
White rhino
Snow white
Pep spice 3
Jamaican gold budd and many others
**Quickly email us at or
** CALL/TEXT 518-712-7237
** CALL/TEXT 518-712-7237


Yesterday at 11:07p todobird > HolisticEvaluations

I would like to find out where to get oil for breast cancer


3 hours ago ThePhoenixCollective

Where are you? It would totally depend on where you are - as to whom to choose from. My mother just died from Triple Negative Breast Cancer. We got to her too late, as the caretaker threw away all the CBD tinctures we sent - and she was too far gone to respond upon our arrival when we finally were told. So - my suggestion - if you have breast cancer - or have someone who does - is get to a doctor that deals with... See Full Comment cannabis as an alternative medicine - and find a suppository recipe. You can make it if you can get your hands on it. Check out groups on FB - they have many people talking about things. If you have any further questions - feel free to ask me. Check Tommy Chong's recipe - and you can even make your own Rick Simpson Oil - it's easy to find online. Not only that - there are lots of us out here who will do their best to assist where they can legally. IF it's external and open wound consider baking soda water on it for right now --- if you check with your doctor first - it causes an alkalinizing --- I'm not a doctor - just did a lot of research for my mother's disease - so always - regardless of what ANYONE says check with a doctor that you trust that understands what you are taking - what you have - and alternative therapies. NOT EVERYTHING CURES UNDER PHARMA --- in fact - most people die under PHARMA... pay attention to that. Do your own due diligence - read case studies - follow the money trail on who paid for them - regardless if they are positive or negative... Understand that most of this is about money --- even our business needs to make money... We have rent to pay, people to pay, gas to purchase, patients to take care of, product to buy and replace, etc. Some of us are non-profit - some are total profit - either way - do your due diligence.

3 hours ago ThePhoenixCollective

Also - Remove ALL SUGARS from your diet --- figure out how to alkalinize your diet - from what we understand body cannot have cancer without alkalinity and sugar - from our research.... Check PUBMED - every scientist and nutritionist agrees. Drink Lemon Water... Check into the ketogenic diet - we have seen several people rebound - some with very little cannabis usage --- and some with full cannabis use - with all... See Full Comment of that... So if you can't get oils - work on that part now... Check OTTO HEINRICH WARBURG info -- Google his statement for "CURE for CANCER" for which he discovered cancer and it's cure... back in the 1940's and he won a nobel Peace Prize... However - no one seems to remember that.

Wednesday at 6:02p leslie_alyce

I am looking for something to help with my anxiety and I'm new to this. Do the capsules you can order from this website work well? Also, would I have to travel to a different state to get something. I'm from Texas.


3 hours ago ThePhoenixCollective

Anything - that has Cannabis in it - is illegal - FEDERALLY. PERIOD. Even CBD. It still has the chemical structure that Congress and DEA have deemed illegal (or Shall we say - Schedule ONE). So realize that first, and foremost. You will most likely need to travel to a state where it is legal to obtain a medical recommendation from a doctor - then to purchase the items you might need. Sadly Texas is not right up... See Full Comment there yet, but I do see it possible by end of 2016 start of 2017 --- depends on who gets involved. Texas is a very UNFORGIVING state, to even teach a class there is cost prohibitive - you have to sign up under Texas Workforce and just pay through the nose... I can only imagine Texas - if they make it legal - will have issues with what department will handle what... Still - you won't be advised to travel back with it to Texas. This is sad, because we know many breeds of cannabis can help with anxiety and we truly believe cannabis is medicine. As far as this site - dunno. As far as what would work for you - suggest Blue Dream Hybrid... also XJ-13 which is a Jack Herer Crossed with G13 Haze ---- just my thoughts. Leafly is a good guide on what would work for you. As far as you getting Texas medicated --- We suggest that anyone in Texas that wants medication there - they need to stand up and be counted... Get involved... teach people... learn themselves... Learn about the endocannabinoid system - learn about mitochondria - learn about cannabinoids, terpenes.... then teach others... start a class... educate people who think cannabis is evil... stop acting like it's something scary --- or something to be hidden... Stand out - and shake hands and talk about it as if it's the new beer... cause if you can drink beer proudly --- which alcohol has killed people before --- but cannabis has not... then you should be able to take cannabis... Or if you can take Motrin - you should be able to take cannabis.... Teach - and people will learn.

Wednesday at 10:08a richard4201

Hi all dose anyone got any organic tea resapes for outdoor


Tuesday at 9:20p CityofAngelsWellnessCenter

10 1g Grand Daddy
10 1g Purple Haze
15 1g Blue Dream
6525-hollywood Blvd
Proper Documentation Required


Tuesday at 7:20p 100000244706090

I'm new to the vaping the THC oils with a vape pen. I'm hoping someone can tell me what CO2 or propylene glycol, triethylene glycol mean and which ones are safe to inhale thru the finished product.


3 hours ago ThePhoenixCollective

Uhm - you should probably talk to a doctor about which is SAFE for you personally. Barring that - CO2 is an extraction process - that uses CO2 to extract the base. MOST CO2 has little solvent residual and a good company will clean that up - or will not have any solvents in their first pass, if they are the best - like Innovative Extractions are. (You'll have to look them up). Propylene Glycol is out on the fence... See Full Comment for me - I think Kosher grade might be safer - but you're still looking at Propane as a mixture base - and well I'm not too fond of it being used... Tastes ok - haven't had anyone keel over yet - but the jury is still out as far as I'm concerned as I haven't seen the reports on it reach clean level - even after several purges. A lot of folks are using this and Butane, and while a lot will say it's cool - I've been around too many of these as they are being made and just can't think it's super safe. NEVER BUTANE INSIDE... NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER... and well Triethylene Glycol it's a plasticiser.. it's also used in pharmacological sprays like OUST - and I'm not sure I'd want that in my lungs.... There are many other forms of extraction --- Waters (dot com) is literally doing an extraction and clean one at that. We run an Educational company Cannabis Integrity Authority and we just put our Delivery service (The Phoenix Collective Delivery) so if you want some answers, feel free to ask, we'll give our opinion... But in the end - you have to decide what is safe. Do your due dilligence on any food or product you consume... don't just listen to people - get out there and Google everything. Ask questions, read the answers, then go back and Google those answers. Don't just inhale something because someone says it's good... Seriously research it.

Tuesday at 3:27a may420man

420 readily available and medical marijuana cards too are provided you can text (614) 715-9545 for further info thanks


Tuesday at 9:51a may420man

yeah its well tested you can try by placing a small order and you try if its right

Wednesday at 10:40a Jindal2

Who does the testing??

Monday at 8:06a SantYerbasi shared a link Our complete catalogue at:


Monday at 7:59a SantYerbasi shared a photo

A picture from water hash made from #betaseeds #seedbank #Shotgun's buds and trimmings


Monday at 4:06a Bill Hembree shared a link with kriddalee Hi Kriddalee, click on this link to find out what the experts say about combating cystic fibrosis with medical marijuana ....


Sunday at 7:12p Bert1 > kriddalee

Hi check out It allows you to input your data and have a suggested list of marijuana, CBD, CBC, THC effects, suited to your situation.

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