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3 hours ago krautlawgroup shared a link Visit our website for more information about medical marijuana in California.


4 hours ago vangie > shadygee

I truly enjoy this site. very informative


7 hours ago moses shared a link Hey I thought this was interesting, I know canabis has enhanced so many things in my life, why not sex too. I mean, more than just putting it in our head. Now we are getting biblical with the anointing , the oil , it's a slippery slope, dogs and cats living together.


Yesterday at 7:04p Bill Hembree shared a link If you need a source for tested pure hash oil, contact our friend Brother Gregory Karl Davis. Click on this link and visit his Facebook page to learn more... This post made by Bill Hembree/ President/


Yesterday at 4:37p Kris

I have a small skin condition spot on my right shoulder. Can anyone give me advice on the right type of Hemp Oil to put on my shoulder. Very small spot but I know what it is. There are many false products out there; can someone point me in the right direction as to the right Hemp Oil strength. I am sure the tincture will do the trick. Thank you!


Yesterday at 6:52p Bill Hembree

Contact >>> he is a personal friend of mine and I guarantee his works... BTW, I own this website, so you can be assured of his and my integrity...

Yesterday at 11:52a AyannaA

Are you open today and do you have mixed and/or shake? Happy Labor Day!


Yesterday at 3:24p Bill Hembree

Hello Ayanna, yes we respond, however we do not sell or provide any products or medicine. We are an informational website only, though there will come a day when we will provide...

Yesterday at 6:05p moses

We are going to dance in the streets, long may you run Bill

Yesterday at 11:22a Kujo27

Patient here looking for help in southern oregon


Sunday at 11:50a jpearso2

I need Charlottes Web for my friends daughter. I need seeds, oil or raw plant mass. Respond here. Thanks


Yesterday at 6:45a Bill Hembree

write me at

Saturday at 9:40a jpearso2 > greenzone

I am a little leary because of others that have advertised here. They wanted money and all personal information up front then the money was being transfered to cameroon. Are. You. Legitt


Sunday at 1:07p moses

Bill , weed blog had this problem for a long time as a result they seem to have some sort of a word filter on post, and they have cut it back considerably, I don't know how it works but I've had post removed for using certain words.

Yesterday at 6:31a Bill Hembree

We are just weeks away from implementing this program. Right now, all we have is a "Ban I.P. Addresses. Soon, they will not be back ever again...

Saturday at 1:00a drsandman > Ask Jan

Jan i have been on Cymbalta 2x, and each time i experienced hypomania.i am currently withdrawing from a low dose 20 mg. under dr's supervision. if yio do not know all antidepressants can cause hypomania at any question what evidence is there for use of CBD OR THC rich strains in tretment of hypomania?David


Yesterday at 6:41a Bill Hembree

DAvid, Jan is unavailable, I will ask her to get back to you when she gets back in a few days...

Friday at 5:08p moses shared a link Please take a minute to send the house of rep. A message, I lost 60k of hard earned saving waiting for social security to make up their mind if I was blind enough or crippled enough to give me my money. I waited three years, this petition is to let people keep their savings accounts and not disqualify for benefits. I waited three years, saw five doctors, to spend 5 minutes talking to a judge.


Yesterday at 6:43a Bill Hembree

We hate to hear things like this. ONe day, "the powers that be" will suffer the consequences of their actions... I hope...

Friday at 3:38p jpearso2


Thursday at 6:28p haleybatchman

Hi I’m 23 years old and suffer from multiple autoimmune diseases with at times causes crippling pain and nausea. live in the state of Kansas which will not allow me to take medical marijuana for my diseases, so I am forced daily to take tons of medications that give me these awful side effects. Which in turn forces me to take more medication, to help with the other medications side effects. Please explain what I... (see full post) can do?


Yesterday at 6:49a Bill Hembree

Dear Haley, sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands. We can not advise you to break the law, however, the only way to know where the line is is to cross it. I wish we could help you and everyone that comes here seeking help, but the feds are breathing down our necks like the grim reaper...

Thursday at 6:27p jpearso2

I am looking for strains to help with my disorder: need a strain to help with energy and no 'stoniness' during the day, then a real strong pain killer/sleep assist for the night. Any suggestions?


Friday at 10:51a F_nando

Royal flush during the day. Northern lights at night.

Yesterday at 6:52a Bill Hembree

Sativa dominant strains during the day, indica dominant strains at night, test them for effect and choose ones to your liking, no one can know better that you what works best for your conditions.

Thursday at 10:54a jpearso2 shared a photo


Wednesday at 8:42p Janey49

I am new and in need of guidance. I have chronic pain, fibromyalgia, neck, back pain and a lung disease. I live in New Hampshire and I understand can not get medical marijuana. I am sick of pain meds and side effects. Thanks


Thursday at 6:24p jpearso2

Are you affiliated with Doc Santos and does the transaction involve Cameroon?

Yesterday at 7:03a Bill Hembree

Dr. Santos is a crook. Cameroon is a hub for thieves that prey on the desperation of people with no where else to turn to.

6 days ago jpearso2


6 days ago jpearso2

This could be a block buster for hemp/cannabis advocates

6 days ago jpearso2

Please review my blog and comment:


6 days ago medijuanamama > Ask Jan

Dear Jan,
I just joined this forum and so glad to find you. I'm in need of direction. How does one audition medicine to a collective for possible distribution? Is a certain credential needed? I'm new to the movement but an old-time MJ aficionado. Is joining a collective sufficient? Thanks for any direction. Now I know where to come with my MJ growth & development questions, too!


Yesterday at 7:12a Bill Hembree

Jan is not available. What state do you live in?

6 days ago medijuanamama shared a photo

Medijuanamama is the name I chose to launch my site. It's not live yet but we're close.
I feel blessed to be young enough to appreciate the exciting future our beloved MaryJanes will now have because of decades-long activism. I am certainly old enough to log many memories of those years when Mother Nature's wonder girls were reviled. My visualization includes me-3 decades or so from now- as I'm just about to... (see full post) cross over, taking one last toke or tincture and heading out with a smile. Hospice folks need our girls' palliative affects.
We will get there & I'm glad to be here.
If you're a writer, contact me if interested to know what I'm crafting that might include your works.


Yesterday at 7:14a Bill Hembree

We are interested, what words of wisdom can you impart?

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