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15 hours ago Slebertaylor

I would take Marijuana any day over adderall and alcohol. I'm sick of those substances (literally).


Yesterday at 8:00p moses

Hello buds , so nice to see all theses New people, instead of scammers .


Yesterday at 7:50p marilucha > Ask Jan

In hydroponic conditions, using rockwool cubics, exposed to high light intesity, which would be the possible consequences of high nutrient concentration (between 2200 and 3200 ppm) measured in the drain.


Monday at 10:20p sunkissedcutie

I have Multiple Sclerosis and signed up a while back after talking with friends who father has it and uses MJ. Welll this past spring in March they dropped of 3 plants for my care as I am known for avid gardening... Well I didn't think much about it and put them in pots outside... They made my eyes kinda burn.... That's when I realized they were plants.... So here it is JUne I have 6 ft plant and two very... (see full post) bushy plants... I know nothing except that since I have MS and don't have a card I can go to jail for having them. How can I find a doctor to authorize my card for my MS. I have had it for 25 years now and never really tried MJ. They just keep givin me pills!... Anybody able to help me out with this... I am on the opposite side of the state from Seattle and driving is an issue....


Saturday at 7:49p Silentdragon shared a photo with Ask Jan

Hi Jan,

My name is Robert Gonsalves and I am the President of Magic Dragon, L.L.C. in the state of Maryland. I am in the process of applying for a medical marijuana growers license. The state of Maryland is recommending that all applicants secure a experienced, knowledgeable and commercially trained horticulturalist or agriculturalist on staff. My hope is that you or someone else reading this post can... (see full post) offer some advise?

Respectfully yours,
Robert Gonsalves
President of Magic Dragon, L.L.C.
(301) 310-4252


Saturday at 11:06a aztecaqueen

Hi everyone I'm new here and wanted to share my story and get to meet people who are in the same predicament as me. My name is Tanya and I live in Texas not a friendly state when it cones to the legalization of Medical marijuana, I'm 37 years old and I've been living with Scleroderma since I was 9. Now at my age I'm starting to feel the effects more. I have constant joint pain and severe loss of appetite, and when... (see full post) I do get to smoke a few bowls which gives me an appetite I can only hold my food down after about 30 minutes after eating because then I have to run to restroom because I then get major diarrhea. I've been to doctors and provided tons of stool samples and to no prevail they can not find out what the problem is. I currently weigh only a measley 87 pounds when at one time I weighed 125. The weight has came off little by little. If anyone has any insights as to how and if I can get a card I would appreciate it. God bless and you all have a blessed day.


Friday at 11:58p Grower Joe > Super Diesel Steve

Hi Steve My name is Joseph Edwards. I am a local at the La Contes... I have been currently buying up as much chem tange cross seeds from Cannarado Seeds. im not sure if you are familiar with the company but they are sold at La Contes and is currently going out of buisness. Well i am a big Fan of all these Chem
crosses but i was wondering if you were also the breeder for Cannarado and if you were too the... (see full post) grower who grew Chem Crush at the 2014 cup? the main reason i am contacting you is becuause i am looking for the original tange strain and its impossible too find. i was wondering if youd be able too help me out


Friday at 11:49p Grower Joe > Solamen1

im here looking for knowlegable and experieneced growers


1 week ago lmarcinkowski



1 week ago Kimmy Kush and Friends shared a video

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Published on Apr 29, 2015
A sweeping bipartisan bill introduced in 2015 could soon legalize medical marijuana in all American states. A sweeping bipartisan bill introduced in 2015 could soon legalize medical marijuana in all American states. Welcome to WatchMojo News, the weekly series where we break down news stories that might be on your radar. In this installment, we’re counting down 10 crucial facts you... (see full post) should know about the medical marijuana industry.


1 week ago Sierra Sativa shared a video

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What does marijuana do to the mind and body? Watch this video to find out!


1 week ago moses

Seth Green is holding of marijuana rally this weekend in his hometown in Tennessee this man is a warrior for the cause hats off to you Seth


1 week ago Kimmy Kush and Friends

Go get 'em Seth, please let us know how it goes!

1 week ago Daisymae

I am so tired of psychiatric drugs pills pills pills. I can't live a normal life and they do nothing to stop flash backs, night terrors, they do nothing to stop the fear. I isolate get very little done in a day, miss out on family get togethers, I can't even go to my grandson's baseball games. I want my life back, this is no way to quality. I hope someone here can share with me how they live with PTSD,... (see full post) just someone who knows what my life is like.


1 week ago Sierra Sativa

Hi Daisymae, we hear you loud and clear… where do you live?

1 week ago strike1

Hi Dasisymae

2 weeks ago kris8524

Anyone from kentucky


2 weeks ago kris8524

Hi, o just moved from colorado to burkesville ky and i am looking for some help for my mom as i am her caregiver plz contact me at +1-408-740-9859 plz n ty


2 weeks ago kmk401

been thinking of switcihng over to rx solutions nutrients any one here use it and if so whats your views on it right now i use general organics


2 weeks ago Terrysgirl

I am trying to find a easy recipe to make Cannabis Oil


2 weeks ago Command Private Snuffy

press the seeds

3 weeks ago clean green > Ask Jan

Hi Jan Can you talk about the dangers of fertilizer residue not flushed from marijuana? It is something nobody in the marijuana industry wants to address. Look at video and pictures of medical marijuana users smoking a joint or a pipe almost 90 percent of the ones I have looked at show a DARK ASH ALMOST BLACK. That ash is telling the smoker there is fertilizer residue in the marijuana they just smoked. Some... (see full post) fertilizer components are known causes of cancer. For example ammonium nitrate a component in fertilizer used when marijuana is grown in dirt is a known cause of cancer. If it is left in the plant at harvest the smoker is inhaling a known carcinogen along with the medical marijuana. Do not be fooled by an ash that appears white. The CLEAN GREEN TEST will tell you the truth. Crush your marijuana ashes to a powder and smear them on a paper towel. A very light grey stain that is barely noticeable means it was flushed of fertilizer residue. The darker the stain the more fertilizer residue was smoked along with the marijuana. PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THEY ARE SMOKING CRAP. The test does not give quantitative data but it does tell you you should not be smoking it, It should be returned and that you to get your money back. Thanks CLEANGREEN PS This problem exists in Canadian medical marijuana too.


1 week ago kal98

Very good comment and educational thanks! When I was growing in Alaska was legal forever there, we always flushed and never fertilized after certain time. I do not use here as people spray it with raid and all kinds of bs in Mo! Pot is a misdemeanor but the fine is quite unacceptable and the meth users seem to control, they are the biggest thieves I ever met! I am definitely moving to Michigan!

3 weeks ago Lynn61

Can anyone tell me where I need to go for good medical marijuana? They closed the one in Fresno, CA.


3 weeks ago Oidnot

Can anyone help guide a disabled vet in New Orleans to the right people for meds? Thanks in advance.

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