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about an hour ago PapaGanja shared a photo

It's been a while since I shared a photo; and our Members really love this strain. Kind of hard to find as growers don't always enjoy the finicky longer maturing Sativa. We are grateful to have found this new connection. Hope this makes everyone's day and draws a smile! Stay healthy out there...


4 hours ago vspartan > Kento

Ohio needs to legalize medical marijuana,I need it, please help.


about an hour ago Hollyboy

how we can help?)
just w8 and soon its happen.
Spain want to legalize, Israel already, so I think Ohio soon do this=)

12 hours ago greenman

Hello looking for medical marijuana? are you sick, in pains, depressed, having anxiety etc just text or call me at (973) 910-1335 or email


17 hours ago chemtangepiff shared a photo

Some of my babies after a 2-yr retirement. The makings of the new Charlotte web..... the indica version :) im back!


22 hours ago CannaMed > denise2152

How was your visit?


Yesterday at 5:28p HighlandHere - Check out the site, thanks. Best-sellers!!!


Yesterday at 1:37p lilpolo22000

does anyone know if you are getting pain pills and you get the card is it against the law for your doctor to keep giving you your pain pills?


17 hours ago chemtangepiff

No.... he can still prescribe your pills. Never heard of a doc holding back meds due to mmj

5 hours ago lilpolo22000

cool thanks

Yesterday at 11:25a neocide

Does anyone know if it will be able to be prescribed for existing depression and anxiety when made legal for medical use here in Florida?


about an hour ago Hollyboy

I read news and they say near one month
but they only consider this question, so maybe have to wait longer

Tuesday at 5:23p vnrg609 > amy22

Warning: There is no,,,,,,,,,, MUDI.AKA.ORGANSCLEANER@GMAIL.COM,... (see full post),,,,,,,,,, etc.. Only the big scammers hiding behind these names. Unfortunately I am the one of their victims. Be careful and don't trust them and in any of their "stories" They are all scammers!!!


Yesterday at 2:01a Bill Hembree

Dear vnrg609, thank you for posting this information, you are correct in every sense of the word. Everyone (worldwide) needs to be vigilant in their effort to make these names and email addresses known. No one should order anything from anyone in another country, and if you are hoping to find a provider in the USA, be sure to type the sellers email address and phone number into your browser (separately) and see... See Full Comment what information the web has to offer on these individuals... I assure you, it's not pretty...

Bill Hembree / President /

Tuesday at 7:47a Errall

Hi can someone help me please ,where can I find canabis oil the Rick Simpson hemp oil


Tuesday at 7:50a Errall

My email address is

Monday at 7:36p Hlschrock shared a photo


Monday at 11:04a Kayluminatti

Someone please read! My grandmother mas nueroapathy a problem with her nerves and muscle function she has little circulation in limbs and is I'm excruciating pain her weekly shots and high dose of pain killers don't touch her anymore and make her feel nauseous we live in south Florida does anyone know of a doctor down here who can evaluate her for a medical marijuana card? Someone please point me in the right... (see full post) direction thanks !


Monday at 7:38p Hlschrock

Florida is voting to go live on medicinal end Nov I believe so get out a vote for Grandmother!

Yesterday at 6:55a Terryobright1957

I also suffer with Diabetic peripheral neuropathy. it is painful and I have found some relief with using a product made by a woman named Diana Campbell, her products are named Diana's World Canna Beauty Skin Health the specific medicine is foot and muscle butter and it is amazing. I use it for everything itches, arthritic joint pain, toothaches, and the neuropathy pain. She has a $20.00 small bottle, but honestly... See Full Comment if your gonna order it I recommend the larger jar if you can afford it. Its like $80bucks but it works better than prescription drugs. Let me know if you are interested.

Sunday at 9:12a kmk401

got a problem i got 6 healthy plants 1 of the six is stuck in early flower lil pea buds with white hairs was thinking it was slow and week and catch up to the rest but they only have 1 week left before i flush and harvest and my next army is ready to go in after that but it still leaves me with the stupid should take a lost or toss her in the woods for the rest of the out door season


Sunday at 12:34p BobMarijuana_9597

She is a weak plant. Pull her and relocate outside if possible. Keep your plan for the next crop on schedule. Just my thoughts on the matter. Milage may differ.

Monday at 12:42a Bill Hembree

We agree with Bob,,, sorry for the delay...

Saturday at 7:18p Bill Hembree shared a video

Video Thumbnail
How CBD kills cancer cells...


Tuesday at 7:49a Errall

Hi can someone help me please ,where can I find canabis oil the Rick Simpson hemp oil

Saturday at 7:14p Bill Hembree shared a video

Video Thumbnail
CBD kills cancer cells...


Saturday at 1:26p coloradommj shared a photo

Indica strain from Colorado Alternative Medicine on Broadway in Denver


Saturday at 7:02p Bill Hembree

That looks good, what strain exactly?

Saturday at 7:56a kimcarney > Kyle Kushman

medical marijuana

I am trying to find a doctor in my area who will prescribe me medical marijuana


Saturday at 7:00p Bill Hembree

Hi Kim, where do you live?

6 days ago KRAZYK420

Hope all is going well Bill dad sent you a email if you could get in touch it would be great during these rough times he's having Thanks..........


Saturday at 7:04p Bill Hembree

I'm looking for his email, don't see it yet, 300+ more emails to go...

Monday at 2:58p KRAZYK420

I understand Bill I will tell him to use my email but we are both on GMAIL and his will be jb69692012@ and mine is krazyk4202014@ so if you could just search those out on your email account there should be a few we have sent you. Thank you for your time I know you are a busy man. thank you so much again...........

6 days ago prialama shared a link with vivala tiket pesawat


6 days ago prialama shared a link with vivala homestay

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