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Benefits of Saponins

Posted by Jan

Saponins--wetting agent, help nutrient uptake, help sprays to spread/stick better to leaf surfaces, anti-microbe, anti-fungal, surfactant, promote beneficial microorganisms, bio-enhancer, manage excess salts in soil, improve water penetration, move spray solution into the soil solution, kill mildew, miticide, boosts potency of other products (adjuvant), biochemical inhibitor. (read more...)

Microorganisms-The Benefits of...

Posted by Jan

Bacteria process waste into plant food. Even good organic soil benefits from microorganism inoculants. Create a "living soil". Diversity is the key to healthy life forces! Two easy ways to add microbes: directly added to growing medium or/and add as composted tea. Most microbes are beneficial to all life on earth. Microbes are Life! (read more...)

Medical Marijuana--Why We Need Standards In This New Field

Posted by Jan

Patients need safe, effective medicine. Better distribution, detailed information about product. Advance medical marijuana therapeutics. Standards set up for the industry. Testing helps legitimize medical marijuana. Third party quality control. Cannabinoid profile and potency-- fundamental information necessary for establishing dosage. Standardization/Quality Control is a necessity just like all other food and drug products. Patients need quality assurance. Safe packaging is a must have. Testing and Certification whose time is NOW! (read more...)

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