What if Cannabis Oil Turned Out To Be A Cure For Cancer?

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What if Cannabis Oil Turned Out To Be A Cure For Cancer?

Back in April 2007, Harvard researchers released findings of a study into the use of THC to fight lung cancer; the results were rather astonishing.  They found that the active ingredient in marijuana reduced tumor growth by 50% and slowed down the spread of cancer cells within the body   .  Even more promising was a United Kingdom follow up study in which, for three weeks, standardized doses of THC were injected into mice implanted with human lung cancer cells.  Once again, tumors were reduced in size and weight by around half compared to animals in a control group.
Since that 2007 study, more research findings have been published in the (science of medical marijuana) field and it appears that the active ingredients in marijuana not only limit tumor growth, they seem to do so without affecting the normal cells surrounding the cancer.

One fact, the (amount) of cannabis required to have any effect on tumors is rather large.  In fact, some experts say it is impossible for a person to take in enough cannabis to be effective.  However, those who promote the use of cannabis as a cure for cancer suggest that by using (cannabis oil) it is possible to get enough of the active ingredient into the body.  .  The International Medical VERITAS Association, who is active in righting the wrongs of the medical establishment in so many fields, has put hemp oil on its cancer protocol   along with (magnesium chloride, iodine, selenium, alpha lipoid acid and sodium bicarbonate).

Why is the establishment so opposed to using hemp oil?

  • Hemp oil contains a unique ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 to GLA (gamma linoelic acid)  and is regarded as a super  food
  • Hemp oil contains a much higher concentration of pure GLA than any other plant (5%)
  • Hemp oil has been used for its healing properties for thousands of years
  • Hemp oil offers one of the most concentrated sources of plant protein

Treating a Skin Lesion:

..  Apply the tincture or cannabis oil directly to a skin cancer lesion.  Cover it with a waterproof bandage, and leave it on for 3 days...  At the end of 3 days remove the bandage, clean the site with isopropyl alcohol and re-treat for as long as you think it is needed.  When you are sure the cancer lesion is cured, continue treating for another two or more weeks.

Early research is showing consistent positive results from a variety of compounds in the plant.
Cancer is ranked in stages and types...  If you read the literature, it appears that cannabis compounds: 
(cannabinoids, flavanoids, terpenoids) can work on many levels in treating the cancer patient.
Research indicates that various compounds found in cannabis are being used to successfully fight glioblastoma (brain cancer), as well as being helpful in treating gonadal cancers (breast, cervical, uterine, ovarian, prostate, testicular).  The secondary benefits include anti-nausea, pain relief, appetite stimulant and inducing sleep, to name a few.  

if you treat leukemia with hemp oil,   it often produces very dramatic results quickly.  Leukemia is one of the easiest internal cancers to cure.  The first place the THC goes after entering the body is directly into the bloodstream.  I f cancer is present in the blood stream; it will not be present for long.
PSORIASIS.  Psoriasis comes from within the body.  Ingesting the oil may rid the body of the condition.  For psoriasis, ingest the cannabis.  Also, apply cannabis (tincture) to the affected area...  (Lesions on the skin). 
Arthritis (Inflammation)
Arthritis is inflammation accompanied by swelling and pain.  Relieving inflammation is one of hemp’s oldest medicinal uses.  Many strains of hemp produce oil that is very effective for treating arthritis.  Unlike synthetic THC, the oil also contains other compounds such as CBN, CBG and CBD, which gives the oil better properties to fight inflammation than synthetic THC alone.
Hemp oil is an excellent treatment for burns.  .  If oil is applied to a burn, within minutes, it takes the pain away and greatly accelerates the healing process.  Even third degree burns can be greatly helped with hemp oil.  (Eleven days healed with no scarring).  If hospitals would use hemp oil in their burn units, human suffering could be greatly reduced.  Hemp oil is a natural anesthetic and a natural antibiotic. 
Ulcers inside the body can be cured by ingesting the oil.  Warts and moles on the skin can be removed by simply applying oil and covering the affected area with a bandage.  The oil goes after unhealthy or mutating cells and destroys them.

Can it regulate blood pressure?
Hemp oil can regulate blood pressure.  When commencing treatment with hemp oil,   . Many people who were using pharmaceuticals to control their blood pressure no longer require them upon commencing treatment with hemp oil.  Since hemp oil reduces blood pressure, anyone continuing to use their pharmaceutical blood pressure medications may find that the combination of the two will drive their blood pressure down too low.  You must monitor your own blood pressure every day.  You must see your own physician.

Using Hemp Oil,
it is never too late to start using the oil.  Often times these cancers will respond very dramatically to the oil treatment.  . 

Get the oil into the blood stream as quickly as possible.  The faster the oil gets into the body the quicker the cure.  .  The faster the oil is taken into the body the better the survival rate.  Most people can ingest the "sixty (60) gram"    treatment in about ninety days or less.
some drug companies produce synthetic THC and there are claims that it can cure cancer; why use something synthetic when the natural substance can be made so readily?  There is only one reason to produce synthetic THC.  All reports thus far, say natural cannabis is better than the synthetic “stuff”

HEMP OIL vs.  Pharmaceuticals (Chemicals)
Chemical medications are liver toxic.  That means that (such) chemicals should not be in our bodies.  They are poison.  Chemotherapy and radiation are both carcinogenic which means these treatments can cause cancer.  The size of a tumor can be reduced with chemotherapy or radiation.  However, in a great number of cases, it simply allows the cancer to spread to other organs.  Because these treatments are so poisonous to our systems, they simply ruin the immune system.  It is silly to call chemotherapy or radiation cancer treatments.  For some people with cancer, chemotherapy and/or radiation does work as a delaying tactic but in the end the damage they do is too overpowering.  The CT scans are also just a massive dose of radiation, which can CAUSE cancer.  Hemp oil is not toxic to the body and when hemp oil is used to treat a cancer, it does no harm to healthy cells.  It may put you to sleep—but sleep is just what the body needs to begin healing itself...  Chemicals can cause harm.  Hemp oil is harmless and encourages good health and rapid healing.  Many think cannabis promotes health
Which Plants (Strain) Make the Best Oil?
Strains with 20 +percentage active ingredient (or better if possible).  One pound of a 20+ % strain will usually provide enough oil for a complete cancer treatment - (60) grams.  The quantity of oil produced per pound will vary from strain to strain.  Strains that produce 90-100 grams of oil per one pound of bud are just wonderful. 

Ether, naphtha and alcohol extract the oil.  Ether is the best solvent with naphtha running a close second.  Alcohol can produce high quality oil but it is less effective than ether or naphtha as a solvent.  Oils produced with alcohol are usually darker because the alcohol strips more of the chlorophyll from the plant material than ether or naphtha does.  Oil made with ether or naphtha is usually golden in appearance.

Cold Water Extraction

There is also cold-water extraction methods that can be used to produce the oil 
Ice Water Extraction Method
The ice water extraction method separates the resin produced in the hair like outgrowths, or trichomes, of a plant, from the other parts of that plant. 
o Trichomes serve as resin-producing glands in certain plants, such as cannabis.  The resin in marijuana contains the active compound Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.
o The ice water method involves placing dry leaves in a container filled with water and ice.  The cold water causes the resin to crystallize and sink to the bottom of the container, separating it from the leaves.

Water extraction - A crude water extraction can be done with some dry pot and a jar full of ice water.  Do not fill the jar more than 1/5 full of material, throw in some ice cubes and cold water and shake.  The resin tends to sink to the bottom while the leaf matter floats.  The vegetation is removed the crystals caught in a coffee filter.  A more advanced extraction can be done with 150-micron pore bag to separate the crystals from the leaf. 

Volatile solvent extraction

a volatile solvent extraction is the simplest method of chemical extraction since it involves simple equipment and solvents that are liquids at room temperature but have low boiling points.  Good choices for solvents are alcohols and fine petroleum distillates (99% isopropyl alcohol, 95% ethyl alcohol, and white gas).  K etones tend to redux with the cannibinoids and naphtha and heavier solvents are too hard to drive off.  Pick a solvent that boils at less than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and exhibits non-polar tendencies.

Soak your dry weed in the solvent for a few hours to a couple of days, the longer you soak the cannabis the more trash comes with the solvent.  Then separate the solvent and evaporate.  The left over gum is chemically extracted hash.  Typically, it tends to have a green/black color because most solvents also dissolve plant waxes and chlorophyll, as well as cannibinoids.  This green oil can be cleaned turning it from dark green -> light green -> red -> amber, using an activated carbon filter.  Just fill a tube or funnel with activated carbon filter (fish tank filter or air filter)) and run the juice through it.  If allowed to soak into the ethyl alcohol (usually vodka) and left undiluted the green solution is usually referred to as green dragon (you drink it).


are the collected resin glands, called trichomes of the cannabis flower.  The potency of concentrates is significantly higher than flowers allowing someone to smoke much less plant material.  They can be extracted by sieving them through a silk screen, which creates Kief, which can be smoked alone or added to joints or other forms of cannabis.  They can also be processed using cold water and silk screen has to produce hashish.  Kief can also be pressed to form hashish.  There are also solvent based extracts, including alcohol, butane, ether, CO2, and oxygen.  The solvent-based extracts tend to have the highest amount of THC although the best cold-water hash can approach levels of 50+-percentage THC.

Concentrates.  Super Melt is a solvent derived extract, which is usually butane.  Although we are increasingly seeing Super melts being made with CO2, ether, and occasionally oxygen.  The advantage of solvent extracted hash is that the solvents pull a higher THC percentage per gram out of the plant material.  THC percentages as high as 70% and higher are seen with solvent concentrates.  The other two main classes of hash are dry sieved and pressed kief and cold-water extraction.  With the dry process, plant material is rubbed or agitated mechanically over a silk screen.  The resulting trichomes may be pressed with or without heat to produce hash.  There are several pressing methods including high-pressure jacks specially modified to press the kief into hash.  Water processed hash, commonly referred to as “Cold Water Hash”, is the most common hash.  With cold-water hash, plant material is agitated with cold water and ice.  The resulting slurry is passed through an increasingly smaller set of silk screens.  There are two, three, and 5-7 screen systems (methods).  The final screen generally contains the highest quality hash.  After scraping the wet hash off the screen, it needs to dry for about 2-3 weeks.  Within the cold-water types, there are different types:  Full Melt hash does exactly that;  it melts into a liquid under heat.  Bubble hash will bubble but not melt completely.  Hash will burn but not bubble or melt, although it can still have a high percentage of THC.  Oils are generally also solvent extracted and are usually made with Butane.  They can also be made using CO2 or oxygen.  The potency of concentrates is significantly higher.
Water-extracted/ice hashish is a modern Western invention.  The process involves first harvesting and drying the cannabis, then adding it to ice-cold water and agitating it.  The light plant matter floats, while the dense resin glands sink.  The process can be achieved with nothing but a container of water, but screens of various pore sizes are generally used for convenience and efficiency.  Western produced ice hash is generally very strong.  The process is also very efficient, and yields can reach double those possible with dry sieving.  The highest quality ice hash bubbles and melts under the heat of a flame.  This grade of hashish is known as “full melt”, and the tendency to bubble has given rise to the term “bubble hash” to denote not only full melt, but also any ice hash.  The water extraction process strips the cannabis of many of the aromatic terpenoids that contribute to the taste and smell of the final product.  As a result, a relative poverty of flavor in comparison to traditionally produced hashish is typical of ice hash.  Ice hash can exhibit a range of appearances; however, it will always be shiny, granular when broken, and sticky.  Water-extracted hash is rarely adulterated.  However, it must be dried properly or it will spoil.
Hash Oil Extracts of cannabis produced using solvents rather than mechanically, are not hashish, despite their common name.  These extracts can be extremely potent (up to 70% THC).  Hash oil reached the peak of its popularity in the 1970s; since that time, the inconvenience and messiness of use, and the increasing trend for domestic production rather than importation of cannabis, has resulted in a relative scarcity of hash oil.  In the 1970s, persons produced most hash oil with some experience in chemistry.  They used relatively sophisticated set-ups to reflux the cannabis for an extended period.  Simple processes, involving little more than immersing the cannabis in a solvent for a brief period and then letting the solvent evaporate, now more commonly make hash oil.

Concentrates – A Brief Overview
Concentrates are just that, the active ingredients (THC & Cannabinoids) that has been extracted from the marijuana plant material.  There are several methods of extraction.  The quality of the concentrate can range from poor to extremely high.  Using different types of tools and methods yields different concentrates, viscosity  and potencies
Concentrates can be extracted several ways with the three most common being:  cold water, BHO (Butane hash oil) and CO2.  Medical marijuana patients are using more and more concentrates today mostly because of their high THC and Cannabinoid content.  Below is a brief introduction of the three more popular extraction methods and types of concentrates they produce.

Cold-water extraction produces a concentrate that ranges in color from light golden beige to black depending on the purity.  Generally the lighter the color, the purer melt you will have (no residue).  Cold-water concentrates are better known as bubble hash and should be dry.  It can come in different consistencies from a powder to putty like texture.  The concentrate and process for cold-water extraction is all organic because it only uses ice and cold water, which makes it great to use in any culinary dishes.

The second most popular extraction method:  BHO or Butane Hash Oil extraction and the process uses butane to pass over the marijuana plant material.  Neither the concentrate nor the process is considered organic.  Although it is not organic, BHO concentrates are used in many culinary dishes.  It is easily identified because it is not oily like the cold-water extractions.  You may hear BHO’s called by other names such as:  goo, earwax, wax, glass, shattered and moon rocks.

The last method of concentrate extraction mentioned here is CO2 extraction and it is very similar to BHO extraction except that dry ice is used and it is not flammable.  Dry ice is shaken over the marijuana plant material or added to a bubble hash process to knock off the gland heads from the buds.  The heads stay intact because of the cold temperatures.  The finished product is a fine crystal powder and must be kept frozen or very cold or else it will liquefy.  At room temperature, it turns into a blob.  The concentrate, known as   Crystals, Gold Dust, 95% THC and Sugars.  It can be eaten or smoked.  (Various methods)..  


Best Strains (Cancer): Harlequin, Purple Thai, CannaTonic


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OhioFreebyrd  (3 posts)
Tuesday, Oct 4 2011 at 11:40a
Cannabis IS a cure for most cancers, and the government assholes know it as well as we do. Isn't any money in curing us, they can't make it legal, Big Pharma and the alcohol companies pay them to keep it illegal, or else they would lose a ton of money. This is crazy people, we need to take our government back, and run this country right. People need this cure, I'm sure most of us have lost loved ones already to cancer, this shit has to stop. Right now it's all about Greed, and Ignorance. Educate yourselves people, forget what the government wants you to think, think for yourselves, out side of the box for a change. This cure needs to be available to anyone.
Tuesday, Feb 28 2012 at 2:57a
I want to try the cannabis or hash oil for a suspicious patch of what may be skin cancer. I am already a Medical Marijuana patient. What dispensaries in the San Francisco Bay Area carry this? What do I ask for specifically? Thank you!
chuckholden75  (2 posts)
Wednesday, Jul 3 2013 at 2:23p
Go to Harborside in Oakland. It's the best in the USA. Ask for Shatter or budder or BHO
chuckholden75  (2 posts)
Wednesday, Jul 3 2013 at 2:26p
Also ask them if any Rick Simpson oil is available anywhere. It is hard to find although the recipe is online. Dangerous to make because you are reducing over heat with alcohol. Good Luck.
Sunday, Mar 9 2014 at 7:01a
what is the effect of doing radiation and chemo at the same time as hemp oil ? I am afraid of not doing everything I can.
4thstreetmedical  (117 posts)
Monday, Mar 10 2014 at 8:04a

Cannabis oil is a thick, sticky, resinous substance made up of cannabinoids, it is the most potent of three main cannabis products flower, resin and oil. High quality cannabis oil can be used in many ways medicinally and can be used for many different condition. It can be used orally or through vapor or applied topically.

Friday, May 9 2014 at 10:53a

I have stage 3B lung cancer. I am on chemo and cannabis oil but I believe it is the cannabis oil that's doing me good. I'm now off oxygen after being on it 24/7 since August 2013.

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Friday, May 15 at 1:59a
Does anyone have any recommendations for finding a dispensary in Michigan to get cannabis oil for treatment i I have Stage 3b lung cancer. Anyone has experience with dosages and testimonials on slowing down or showing NED. Any advise is appreciated.
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Monday, Oct 12 at 5:30p
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