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Rick Simpson's "hemp oil" is suppose to be great stuff.  Personally I think he should call it "medical marijuana oil".  I am sitting here looking at the two page instruction sheet about how to make it.  He says:

Starting Material:  good grade medical marijuana (one ounce to one pound)  An ounce of cannabis will produce 3 or 4 grams of oil.  Two new or clean buckets, crushing, stirring stick (baseball bat), rice cooker, two stainless steel pans, solvent, decanting containers (glass), oven mitts, a warming element (heating), this could be a one or two burner element or even a coffee warmer, glass candy thermometer,  (2) 12 ml. syringes. 

500 milliliters of solvent necessary to do up one ounce of marijuana starting material

500 milliliters is approximately equal to sixteen (16) fluid ounces

One (1) U. S. gallon equals 128 U. S. fluid ounces

1. Place dry marijuana bud and or budshake in a clean (or new) plastic bucket

2. Dampen the bud shake with the solvent you are using. (naptha, acetone, 99% isopropyl alcohol).  Alcohol absorbs more chlorophyll from the plant material than naptha does, giving the finished oil a much darker color.  This has nothing to do with the quality however.  Ether, naptha, or butane (and many other solvents) produce oils that are amber transparent.  The finished oil looks better but it is not more potent than the dark oil.
Rick Simpson likes to use naptha, I have used acetone.  The process requires approximately two gallons of solvent to strip the THC (and other cannabinoids) off of one pound of dry starting cannabis.  So 500 milliliters of solvent should be  more than enough to strip the cannabinoids off of one (1) ounce of medical marijuana.

3. Crush the plant material in the bottom of the bucket (use a clean stick or whatever you have).  The marijuana can be easily crushed.

4. Add solvent (into the bucket) until the cannabis is completely covered.  Use your tool to work the plant material.  As you do this the THC dissolves off the plant material into the solvent.

5. Continue this process for about 3-5 minutes.

6. Pour the solvent/oil mix off the plant material into another clean bucket.  You have successfully stripped the marijuana of approximately 80 % of its THC.

7. Second wash--again add solvent (fresh) to the same plant material and work it for another 3-5 minutes to get the remaining 20 % of cannabinoids.

8. Pour this solvent/oil mix into your bucket containing the first mix you poured off.

9. Discard the twice washed marijuana (throw it onto your compost pile).

10. Pour the solvent/oil mixture through a coffee filter into a clean container.

11. Boil off the solvent.  A rice cooker does a good job.

12. Add the mix to your rice cooker pan until it is about 3/4 full (no more than that in the rice cooker pan.  If you are making a smaller amount, it will probably just cover the bottom of the pan.  Well ventilated room with the fans going.  The fumes are volatile.  No gas stoves, no flames of any kind, no cigarettes, etc, no red hot elements, no sparks!

13. Plug the rice cooker in and set it on high heat.

14. Continue adding solvent/oil mixture as the level in the rice cooker goes down (it will keep cooking down (shrinking))


15. Add a few drops of water to the mixture as the level comes down for the last time.

16. When there is about one inch of solvent/oil/water mixture left in the cooker, put on your oven mitts and pick the pan up and gently swirl the contents.

17. Continue swirling until the solvent has been evaporated off.  The few drops of water help release the solvent residue and protect the oil from getting too hot. When the solvent has been boiled off, the cooker he uses, automatically goes to the low heat.  This avoids any danger of overheating the oil.  Never overheat mixture.  Never let the temperature go over 290 degrees F.  Your aim is to have no solvent residue left in your oil.

18. Put on oven mitts and remove the (container of oil) from the rice cooker.

19. Gently pour the oil into a smaller stainless steel container.

20. Place the container in a dehydrator or put it on a gentle heating device (coffee warmer).  It may take a few hours but the water and volatile turpenes will  evaporate from the oil.  

21. Pour the hot oil into a glass container; or let it cool then suck it up into a syringe.  It is easy to dispense from a syringe. When cool, the oil will be thick (like grease).  If too thick to squeeze out, drop syringe into a cup of warm water for about ten minutes.


Rick Simpson says,

"I would not consider taking any cancer treatments currently in use by our medical system.  I do not recommend that hemp oil be taken along with chemotherapy.  What would be the sense of making your own cure and then allowing the medical system to give you massive doses of poison?  To anyone who is going to act on this information, I welcome you to the world of real medicine."   "I have found that most pharmaceuticals are no longer needed once a person starts using hemp oil."

"Again, I caution you to be very careful when boiling the solvent off.  The fumes are very flammable.  Stay away from red-hot elements, sparks, cigarettes, etc. as they could ignite the fumes." 


Rick Simpson believes his "hemp oil" cures cancer.


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canna-crux  (3 posts)
Monday, Feb 20 2012 at 4:23a
Why not purchase or make an extraction tube, then pack your plant material in that and run solvent through it a couple of times?
paultammaro  (2 posts)
Wednesday, Feb 29 2012 at 6:50a
I have not, yet, made this oil but DID find an interesting process on youtube..The narrator did the soaking, but where you use a rice cooker-they used "An Essential Oils Distiller", (they cost about $139.00 but will render the "boiled-off" solvent-IF its ISO-useable again-due to using this "Essential Oils Distiller"..At very least, it shows a different way to make this oil. NOT using the rice cooker
Sunday, Mar 4 2012 at 6:02p
I dont understand why people are calling this "Rick Simpson oil" he essentially made hash oil with a few techniques that are not even necessary. you don't need to pound your material in a bucket and you don't need to use a heating element to evap. the solvents. I think its awesome how Rick Simpson is opening peoples eyes to what this amazing plant can do but i think it might get a little confusing to some people reading about Simpson oil, i know i was haha!
RightRevGreg  (4 posts)
Friday, Mar 9 2012 at 7:17p
We just received a heads up from a father that gave his daughter this 'oil' and claims to have healed her of cervical cancer. Flavor this with "peppermint oil" or add a few drops is word given here. We have encountered failure to respond. And later, found a report that the CB2 receptors in the tumor are blocked. The claim is adding peppermint will 'unblock" the CB2 receptors. We have received a report of this type from another practitioner that claims 1/8 teaspoon of grocery store cinnamon a day will do the same. With 90% coco butter chocolate added to the diet of an ounce or two daily.
Monday, Apr 9 2012 at 3:59p
My name is Jeremy Tate. I'm am desperately seeking some hemp oil. My mom has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I'm really would like find the best, fast, and easiest way of obtaining some. I could try to make myself buy it's easier said the done when we live in the state of Mississippi and its illegal here. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Monday, Nov 26 2012 at 1:56p
I need to see if there is a way to get this oil for my dog that has bone cancer. I just talked to Rick Simpson on Facebook and he said the protocol for a dog is the same for a human. Does anyone know if there is a vet in the Bozeman area that offers this THC oil treatment or a way of getting this oil for treating my dog? I am not looking to get into legal issues, I just want to save my dog's life. Please reply back if you have any information on this. Thanks
Tuesday, Dec 11 2012 at 2:54p
Can Brownies baked with Cannabis oil be detected by drug dogs?
Judah Ben Nun  (2 posts)
Monday, Jan 14 2013 at 10:36p
"Hemp oil cures cancer"? Dude, I'm all for both cannabis and doing your own thing, but that kind of claim is simply deadly. Especially in the United States of Fantasia.
Judah Ben Nun  (2 posts)
Monday, Jan 14 2013 at 10:45p

Jeremy, I'm sorry I don't have any answer to your question . . . and any answer I did have would doubtless be too late now.  I'm writing just to tell you I admire your attempt to help your mother.  I hope her passing was as peaceful as possible under the circumstances.

My own interest in medical marijuana is comparatively recent.  One thing I've learned is that if you're not in a state with licensed dispensaries (there are only three such states at present, I believe, though a few more more join them before long)--or, rather if you're not a resident of such a state, since residency is required to get on the MM registries that I know of--then it's all just a bizarre lottery so far as finding a source.  They don't advertise on the internet, for obvious reasons.  Since most of us don't have stoner friends, and don't free we have the knowledge or skill to grow our own, it comes down to asking at head shops and making phone calls to friends of friends, and all the while feeling strange because you don't think of yourself as a druggie, and wonder if the people you're talking to do. It takes a while to get anywhere.  I understand that you didn't have time. 

My best wishes.

hawgdawg  (81 posts)
Wednesday, Mar 6 2013 at 6:56p
Anyone familiar with Stoney Girl Gardens, aka www.gro4me.com ? I have met the folks who are designated providers for several people, among which, is a little girl in Multnomah County, Oregon. Her name is Mykayla Comstock. Mykayla's mother has a site for her called, www.bravemykayla.com . She is purported to have been treated for Leukemia, and the method of treatment was Rick Simpson's Hemp Oil. Thoughts? Comments? Criticisms?
medical11  (3 posts)
Saturday, Mar 30 2013 at 6:40p
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Friday, May 31 2013 at 8:05p
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Friday, Oct 11 2013 at 7:40p
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billhenderson7906  (4 posts)
Tuesday, Nov 19 2013 at 4:42a
I was save with Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil. Greetings to you all. I am Mrs Stella Harryson, an aging widow suffering from leukemia cancer, I was confined by Doctor that I will not make it out alive. But today, I greatly say that my cancer has been cured with the use of Rick Simpson cannabisoil oil medication. Thank God that I foung good honest person who has use these medication to save me from loosing my life to cancer and living my kids here on earth... Thanks to Rick for ever willing to carry out his medical service that saved my life thanks and God bless you. You can contact Rick Simpson: rickcancercuce01@gmail.com.com Yours Sincerely, Mrs.jenny bob,
Tuesday, Dec 17 2013 at 12:44p
I am Arnold Paul, I was diagnosed with Lungs Cancer and was told by the Doctor that the cancer was in the last stage. My Doctor told me i have few months to leave, but he told me about the Hemp Oil and said it's going to do a lot in saving my life from this terrible disease, He introduce me to Rick Simpson and said he would be able to get me the Hemp oil wherever I need it since he is the founder of hemp oil. I contacted him and explain it to his understanding and he delivered the oil to me in UK, after three Month of taking this Treatment there has been rapid improvement in my life, I am very overwhelmed and loss for words. I want to shout it out to world that am cured from cancer. I can't believe I'm able to jump and move around again. Thank you lord for your natural marijuana hemp oil and Rick Simpson who you sent and healed me, am very grateful Sir, God will continue to bless you for your good work Sir. I'm so happy am still much alive and for those who are battling from cancer, I never thought i will see this day again don't think life is gone because your doc said so, be strong, courageous and fight it. There is a cure. Rick Simpson email is ricksimpsoncannabisoil_phoenix@outlook.com or give him a call +447031996738 Thank you Sir, I will always be grateful for your good work and services rendered..
pmracc  (5 posts)
Monday, Dec 30 2013 at 3:03p
Hello Room I am looking for a RSO for my 26 year old son that has Metastatic Lung cancer. Standard treatment, chemo radiation etc has been stopped as is not doing anything. We have seen a few "online providers" but is so difficult to trust an online person even though they all see very well intended. We can travel anywhere in the US to get it. This is urgent, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
pmracc  (5 posts)
Monday, Dec 30 2013 at 3:06p

Hello Arnold,


Hope this email find you well. My son has metastatic lung cancer, we are desperately looking for RSO, i noticed you mention Ricksimpsonoil@outlook we approached the person but we are confused, as it seem it comes from overseas. We are trying to find from others experiences. There is someone named Ian but I don't know if is the same person, any info will be greatly appreciated,



billhenderson7906  (4 posts)
Thursday, Jan 9 2014 at 5:09p
Am john from Germany I never believe i will see 2014 and it is with huge pleasure that am sharing my testimony about my breast cancer which just got cured within 3 months of treatment with the Cannabis Oil of high potency in THC and CBD content I bought from Dr. rick simpon. i wouldn't have believed that i would someday share my survival from Breast cancer with anyone else on earth, because my oncologist gave me 5 months to live and enjpy my life. I bless that faithful day i went online in search of help and i found my helper Dr rick simpon who gave me all hopes, love, care, sensitiveness, kind, understanding and above all with Wisdom behold my thoughts which he assisted me with and helped me to defeat my stage 4 breast cancer that had almost sucked life out of me. I will also like to use this medium to appreciate Dr.rick simpon : rickcancercure01@gmail.com for his care, support and of course his cannabis oil because i would have been history if not for you My greatest Saviour Dr. rick simpon Thanks you so much Sir and God will bless you more.
Monday, Jan 13 2014 at 11:10a
I'm a metastatic stage 4 breast cancer patient. I have been battling this since 2003 and the Herceptin, a chemotherapy created for my kind of BC that I had to start in 2005 when my cancer came back, seems to have kept the cells from forming into tumors, but it also brought on Fibromyalgian and Myofascial Pain Syndrome. I have really bad side effects from the chemo, fortunately I got to keep my hair this time...but I finally reached the point where I can no longer work in a traditional role...let alone as an accountant which was my job....so now I am on disability taking in next to nothing...am in financial ruin because of this disease but the worst part is the pain and nausea...I need to find a kind soul in New Hampshire who donates oil so I can pick it up. Its my life and I will do what I have to so I can live...but my husband totally freaked when my donation came in the mail....I would make it myself but I still need the main ingredient donated....if anyone knows anyone in New England I can travel to MA, ME, VT, NH, RI & CT if I have to
billhenderson7906  (4 posts)
Tuesday, Jan 28 2014 at 4:43p
Warm appreciation to Dr. rick simpson for curing my Breast cancer with cannabis oil. I really appreciate your help in bring back my lost life with the help of his high quality Cannabis Oil, i am so grateful to you Dr for all the love and concern that you showed me and i would keep on giving my testimony about your Cannabis oil and how is cures Cancer within 90 days of treatment. it just like a Miracle that has happened to me with full recovery from cancer and i am free from Cancer. Thanks be to God Almighty for sending you my way Dr, i hope and know that you would keep on putting smiles on world at large with this great medication. email:rickcancercure01@gmail.com for all solution to cancer and other diseases. Thos facing health challenges should go for cannabis oil to ensure the absolute cure of all kinds of cancerous diseases. For hopes and help, kindly contact Dr.rick simpson for full knowledge about the medication and Services to you. Dr. email:rickcancercure01@gmail.com for all solution to cancer and other diseases. sonia gregory ,
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