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Kushman Veganics Is the Next Level

Published by Kyle Kushman


I do believe Veganics is the next logical step beyond organics. Actually, what we are doing here is Vegan organics. Because everything I use must first be certified organic and second be veganic. Meaning nothing derived from animals.

Kushman Veganics is almost exclusively plant derived nutrition. Almost because in very high yield situations with loads of light, CO2, and beneficial organisms it likely you may need to augment some micro nutrients and maybe some additional phosphorous in the form of soft rock phosphate. All of which can be acquired with organic certification.

The key to Veganics is really the soil. It must be supercharged with a wide array of beneficial microbes and fungi. This is the only way to make sure that everything you add is and stays 100% bio-available. Thus providing suitable nutrition from extremely low NPK. While also keeping plants respiring at full capacity by constantly devouring old dead root mass and keeping nutrients available through the entire acceptable pH range. That’s 5.5-7.0, rather than constantly adjusting nutrient solutions to keep it in the sweet spot. Adjustment of pH is virtually unnecessary when using Veganic nutrients in a Veganic medium.

Before the middle of the flowering cycle I like to do a few weeks of slight pH adjustment of my nutrient solution. When I add full strength of all my nutes, humic acid, and enzymes my pH can sometimes be as low as 4.8. After so many unadjusted waterings the pH of the medium may be dipping close to 5.5, the low end of the acceptable range. A small adjustment to 5.5-6.5 for a few weeks during heaviest feedings will make sure you don’t drop below 5.5, the only thing that should concern you about pH.

If you want to be able to manipulate and read pH like a professional there’s a tool for that. The IQ150 pH meter from comes equipped with a meat thermometer style probe. Simply insert the probe into the root zone and know for certain what affect your adjustments are having. It gives extremely accurate pH and temperature readings in both soils and liquids.

If it weren’t for the Canna company of the Netherlands there would be no Kushman Veganics. A couple years ago I stumbled across their bio line of nutrients and soil. The Bio Vega, Bio Flora, and Bio Boost are 100% OMRI certified veganic nutrients. Used all by themselves they’re great.

A little humic acid to facilitate nutrient uptake. A few doses of Mineral Magic Micro nutes and maybe some cal-mag in high yield situations. Don’t forget an enzyme like hygrozyme or prozyme. Brew some microbe tea and you’re growing veganic heaven.

The Bio Terra Plus soil from Canna had been my first and only choice for a bagged soil without perlite. After running a side-by-side comparison there is another choice. Coco-Not (cuz it’s NOT coco)from Vermicrop Organics is made in the US from a waste product. Redwood bark and one other, the Kuki fruit tree. It seems to buffer pH and nutrients nearly as well as the Canna, and at almost half the price.

There are however two drawbacks. You will see terrible yellowing if young clones or plants are transplanted into Coco-Not. I think maybe the tannin level, along with high nitrogen will burn young plants. However, one month old plants love it! The second is absorption. I like to fill pots right from the bag and you can, but it will take a few waterings to for Coco-Not to fully absorb. Double up on the coco-wet, wet betty, or any surfactant for the first few waterings. Or saturate the media before planting.

The Book and video are both in the final stages of production.


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Expert Post
OrganaMike  (55 posts)
Sunday, May 1 2011 at 5:58p
Cool info Kyle, you have influenced my growing habits so much. I can't wait for your book and DVD to be available!
Wednesday, May 4 2011 at 2:05a
Thanks for all your knowledge and experiance,High Times hasn't been the same without you. looking forward to getting your dvd or book and trying veganics. i'm a big fan and have read your articles for years, glad to see you starting this site Kushman.
The Mad Hatter  (5 posts)
Thursday, Aug 4 2011 at 10:12p
Yeah brotha second that. I've been a avid follower for years. Good vibes Kushman
Friday, Aug 12 2011 at 5:34p

I remember reading your article in High Times on Veganic growing a while back and never forgot it. It was the first time I ever heard of Veganics and it really struck a cord with me.

Thanks for sharing your great information. I'll be putting it to the test soon =]

Peace & Pot

Saturday, Oct 1 2011 at 11:23a
kloneking  (20 posts)
Friday, Oct 14 2011 at 1:22a
if IM using hygrozyme should I be using cannazyme too? and how about rhizotonic?
Sunday, Oct 30 2011 at 3:23p
i just need too know everything about growing!so please be my teacher!
Thursday, Dec 8 2011 at 4:20p

MJ Moment - Thoughts on K.K.'s "Veganics"??


It is probably the fourth or sixth best growing methodology I am aware of.??

1 - Outdoor Natural "do nothing" method (feral hemp is free, and it still has the CBD's beneficial to our endocannabinoid system…if health is what you're after)?

2 - Outdoor "do something" method (study Masanobu Fukuoka, Sepp Holzer and Permaculture)?

3 - Outdoor primarily closed loop systems like aquaponics combined with vermiponics…where the nutrients are natural to the system as you have created a mini-ecology.?

4 - Outdoor primarily open loop systems…where nutrients are un-natural to the system and must be added. (this is un-sustainable, regardless of the name on the plastic bottle the nutrient came in) (makes you wonder how our great-grandparents ever kept plants alive until these bottles of "plant juice" showed up, doesn't it?!)

?5 - Indoor (method #3)

?6 - Indoor (method #4)??


However, this pathetic attempt at a mantra of "no poop" or "no shit" is misleading to the uneducated.??


First, every THING "poops". Bacteria poop. Fungi poop. Nematodes poop. Worms poop. Fish poop. And so on all the way up to the biggest poopers on the planet, the elephants!

?(and a few political "leaders" and people trying to sell "shitty" ideas)??

One "thing's" poop is always the food for another "thing"…regardless of whether or not you need a microscope to see it happening. Poop helps the nutrient cycle stay in motion. ?

(FYI - there are certain animals that consume their own poop (like rabbits) to get the maximum digested nutrients out of the food they consume...and guess what, it's NATURAL!)??


Second, I don't know which part of nature K.K. studied to arrive at his conclusion. ??


When I look to nature for examples of what kind of environment I should be attempting to provide my plant-life, I look to old growth forests as the wise ones did that came before me. And if I could describe what I see in a word, it would be "biodiversity". (In more than a word: a lot of different living things in one place.)

There's fish in the lakes and streams (where their "poop" gets fed to all the living things downstream). There's mice poop, owl poop, rabbit poop, deer poop, fox poop, coyote poop, wolf poop, badger poop, beaver poop, bird poop, elk poop, and bear poop…just to name few.??


Now tell me, what part of nature did the idea for "Veganics" come from?!?

?(obviously it was some place in nature without much biodiversity, right?…no habitat for the animals??)??




PS The next logical step beyond "organics", is Biodynamics, not "Veganics" (aka more plastic bottles filled with "the next amazing nutrient").  Of course, teaching people to pour stuff out of a plastic bottle is more lucrative than teaching them to grow biodynamically and be in tune with natural law.??

Teaching people how to grow the "purest, cleanest medicine possible" using Biodynamics would require an "astronomical" level of knowledge about the relationship between plant-life and our universe. It appears that K.K. is either un-able or un-willing to share this kind of knowledge with his "followers".


??"Simply the purest, cleanest medicine possible" says Kyle. ??

Yeah, right…thanks for the "expert" advice.

KimMarijuana_1661  (2 posts)
Monday, Dec 12 2011 at 8:00p

In the grand-scale very little 'poop' is deposited on a square meter of soil. Very little
and depending on climate, moisture, insects, wind it works it's way into a soil and 'feeds' the soil.
We are talking here generally about indoor pot /container culture and what we choose to feed our plants.
Nutrients brewed by Canna for home use are a great alternative to 'poop' based ferts; especially for vegans and immune impaired  patients avoiding animal pathogens.

JimmyKrackMarijuana  (2 posts)
Monday, Jan 2 2012 at 2:58a
Aahhh ... you start complaining, suddenly they all want some. Who is this cjhick with her 10 minute rant trying to say Kyle doesn't know what he is talking about... BS..!!! I f we didn't KNOW Kyle was doing it in the cleanest "INDOOR" grow possible we wouldn't all be here. re sheep, and just obey another's orders like drones. Well the fact that anyone is here, or at Attitude, or reading the latest issue of High Times, I'd say they are being at least a little more progressive thinking than a drone, or sheep as our acquaintance KimMarijuana seems to feel of others who are obviously inferior to Kim for they have made it, and she hasn't.
Monday, Jan 2 2012 at 6:32p

I feel like it would be beneficial for you to look into how to give constructive criticism or suggestions.  You bring up a good idea or point of discussion with Biodynamic farming, an idea people may be unaware of.  Unfortunately with the negative/belittling  tone of your response you immediately turn people off to the idea by putting them on the defensive.  Why not express your ideas and beliefs in a positive way and compare your techniques with those of Veganic techniques.

Personally I am about to start my first grow and am just reading about a variety of choices to see what's out there and what people believe are the best, smartest and healthiest ways to grow.  I'm not a vegan but the idea of this growing style intrigues me.  After reading your post and thinking "wow what a dick" (sorry that's just what I thought), I looked up Biodynamic farming and am now interested in that as well.

Just saying...chill.

Or as your Rudolf Steiner said "Thinking … is no more and no less an organ of perception than the eye or ear.  Just as the eye perceives colours and the ear sounds, so thinking perceives ideas."


Wednesday, Feb 8 2012 at 4:05p

That was an awesome response man.

Sunday, Jan 20 2013 at 10:44a
Catchy marketing term. There is no such thing as veganic gardening. You will be using inorganic material and animals in your soil. LOL...
Monday, Jan 21 2013 at 5:22p

Is there anyway to do this via Aeroponics? I want to go organic but all I see out there will clog my aeroflo 36 unit. If not possible I'll switch to dirt.

Monday, Feb 18 2013 at 6:26p

Try using Sea-Crop.  It is derived from deep sea, pacific ocean water, with the salt 95% removed.  Totally Veganic and the consistency is like that of water, not sludgy or stinky...  explosive growth and overall plant health.

hawgdawg  (81 posts)
Saturday, Mar 9 2013 at 2:22a
Book and DVD? Hmmm. :-) Would these serve a novice such as myself, or are they written for the more advanced cultivators?
Saturday, Apr 5 2014 at 2:41p
i am happy to know that Canna is vegan however it's promotional calendar of naked girls does not have me convinced. if you believe in supporting vegan products and not supporting discriminatory behavior (sexism, specism, racism, etc) that contributes to violence, then you must consider all aspects of the company, not just their products. Anyways, food for thought...