Herpes Virus and Medical Marijuana

In a study that was done involving the Herpes Virus (herpesvirus) and THC, the data showed that THC (delta-9terrahydrocannabinol) is shown to modulate the immune response and the lymphocyte function.  The primary infection of viral DNA genome of gamma herpesvirus persists in the nuclei lymphoid cells.  Due to extracellular signals the virus can be activated leading to the infectious virus.

The potential effect of THC on herpesvirus replication can dwarf the extracellular signals, which means that it will be able to help suppress the herpes virus.  The use of THC can provide relief for the person suffering from the herpesvirus and can slow the replication of the extracellular signals according to the study data.  The other advantage is there are no drug related side effects with the use of THC as compared with other drugs used to treat this virus.

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1 week ago paischicoI agree with this I have had the virus for 11 years with only 2 breakouts both time I had the break out was when I was forced by the court to stop my self medication within 3 weeks of stopping it attacked my immune system...no better proof then living it