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8 hours ago SethGreen1

Excited.... Will be in 420 Magazine tomorrow :)


5 hours ago Kimmy Kush and Friends

Congratulations Seth, we will be looking for you there!

Yesterday at 10:56p gnomad56

OK, who in Michigan has at least 60% pure thcV?
Prefer up to 73% but just wondering how this super-medicine is not being produced en masse, I will do it if need be. End diabetes, PTSD, restore copd damaged lungs ! and so much more with just this ONE cannabinoid. The science is complete, let us bring thcV to all and really shift this paradigm.


Friday at 2:46p Jindal2 > agenpoker

What is this??? Not one word of english--- what does this have to do with wellness? Is this a scam


Friday at 12:59p moses

Canabis is a gift, from God, learn the truth, the Catholic church has been lying for centuries and I'm not talking about any sexual scandal. Read for yourself, rev gregory Davis
Read into Gnostics, orthodox Christian church's. Jesus was all about the green


Friday at 1:06p SethGreen1


Friday at 1:06p SethGreen1


Friday at 12:52p SethGreen1 shared a link Hi. Thank you everyone that has sent prayers my way. I am asking again if you can send prayers my way. I woke up at 10 today and started off with really bad anxiety/Panic Attacks. I am now starting to get sick at my stomach. An my throat and jaws feel like that they are closing up on me. I had a hard time just getting out words to my mother this mourning. I pray that i do not go into one/ones today. We both thank... (see full post) each of you for the prayers. Hope all has a good day today. God Bless


Friday at 5:10a GREENCROSSHOLISTIC shared a photo


Friday at 1:16a granddaddipurp

how can a 16 year old get a medical card?




Thursday at 3:57p moses > SethGreen1


Friday at 1:12p SethGreen1


Thursday at 4:59a kushlovin215

How do I pay for medical marijuana? Out of pocket?


Thursday at 3:19p BobMarijuana_9597

Unfortunately yes. No insurance company will go against the federal government.

Wednesday at 8:01p BioCBD shared a link CBD hemp oil is obsolete! Nanoparticle sized CBD in water-soluble form is the ONLY way to go. Our patented process allow our BioCBD to effortlessly pass through the cell wall, allowing for greater effects at a lower cost than industry standard. We also utilize turmeric in all of our products because of the similar effects on the Endocannabinoid System as CBD.


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Wednesday at 5:33p jasaseomurah shared a link


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Wednesday at 5:33p jasaseomurah shared a link


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Wednesday at 4:35p pottermom

I'm looking into making tinctures with bubble hash. I make excellent cannabutter, and also make glycerin and alcohol tinctures, but have been using leaf/bud. I am continually improving my medibles. The potency is great but I want the best taste possible for my creations. Anyone out there have info on making hash tinctures for baking, candy making or capsules?

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