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16 hours ago jason132 shared a photo

here's my other one


16 hours ago jason132 shared a photo

this is one of my lights, I'll post my other light, both going on 18 on 6 off


4 hours ago Ask Jan

Dear Jason, these lights are good till yesterday. When are you planning to upgrade, or are these babies going outside soon?

Yesterday at 2:39a Ask Jan

More Pot, Less Crime: Medical Marijuana States See Drops in Assaults and Homicides
by Jacob Sullum - Mar. 27, 2014
A study published by the online journal PLOS One yesterday finds that adoption of medical marijuana laws is not associated with an increase in crime and may even result in fewer assaults and homicides. Robert G. Morris and three other University of Texas at Dallas criminologists looked at... (see full post) trends in homicide, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, larceny, and auto theft in the 11 states that legalized marijuana for medical use between 1990 and 2006. While crime fell nationwide during this period, it fell more sharply in the medical marijuana states, even after the researchers adjusted for various other differences between states. Morris and his colleagues suggest that the substitution of marijuana for alcohol could explain this result, although they caution that the extra reduction in crime might be due to a confounding variable they did not consider.
What seems clear is that these crime data do not support the notion that making marijuana more readily available drives up crime rates, whether because of marijuana's effect on behavior (including use of other drugs) or because of robberies associated with cash-heavy cannabusinesses:
The central finding gleaned from the present study was that MML [medical marijuana legislation] is not predictive of higher crime rates and may be related to reductions in rates of homicide and assault. Interestingly, robbery and burglary rates were unaffected by medicinal marijuana legislation, which runs counter to the claim that dispensaries and grow houses lead to an increase in victimization due to the opportunity structures linked to the amount of drugs and cash that are present....This is in line with prior research suggesting that medical marijuana dispensaries may actually reduce crime in the immediate vicinity.
How relevant is research on medical marijuana laws to the debate about broader forms of legalization? Highly relevant, if you take the view that medical marijuana is mostly a cover for recreational use, as prohibitionists tend to argue. In truth, the legal regimes governing the medical use of marijuana range from very strict (such as New Jersey's) to very loose (such as California's). But it is fair to say that a lot of people with doctor's recommendations in the looser states are recreational users in disguise. It therefore makes sense that legalizing medical marijuana would be accompanied by a decline in drinking, as Morris et al. suggest. Such a substitution effect may also explain why medical marijuana laws are associated with a decline in traffic fatalities.
Jacob Sullum is a senior editor at Reason magazine and a nationally syndicated columnist.


Yesterday at 9:42p jason132

can a low quality light affect how fast a plant will grow?


Yesterday at 2:36a Ask Jan

Hi Jason, yes, absolutely, what kind of light are you using?

16 hours ago jason132

I just posted two pictures, hello Jan!

Yesterday at 6:44p shawny187

Hi there peeps....well my uk exo are looking lovely now she's a crazy hungry lady currently on 3ml base nutes per litre as well as 3ml magne cal per ltr and now their all lovely and green and absolutely stink!!!

Also running a couple of billberrys's....DJ shorts blueberry x amnesia haze...and they are very stout and smelly little plants quite excited about them tbh....but can't upload any pics off my... (see full post) phone for some reason??



Yesterday at 2:42a Ask Jan

Dear Shawny, we are in process o0f upgrading the site. Hopefully, we will be more user friendly in the near future.

Yesterday at 5:41p Ask Jan

Maryland Approves Medical Marijuana / 14 more states are in the process, read this now!!
ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND — On April 14th, 2014, with no discussion or objections, the Maryland Senate voted 35-12 to pass SB 627, a bill that would allow qualified patients to be recommended medical marijuana by their doctor and receive safe access to their medicine through state-licensed distribution centers.... (see full post) The bill now moves to the House. The General Assembly's session ends Monday night.
"I'm very proud of my Senate colleagues today for voting to provide some of our most vulnerable residents with the compassion and care that they deserve," said Sen. David Brinkley (R-Frederick), the bill's sponsor and a two-time cancer survivor. "Anyone who has watched a loved one suffer from a debilitating illness would agree that we should not stand between doctors and patients, or deprive seriously ill people safe access to a legitimate medicine if it can help them cope with their illness."
"We think this bill offers the most carefully crafted medical marijuana law in the country," said Sen. Jamie Raskin (D-Silver Spring), one of the bill's co-sponsors. "It offers legal protection and safe medical access to patients who are desperately in need and takes every possible measure to prevent abuse. I'm hopeful that our colleagues in the House will give this proposal serious consideration, and make Maryland's medical marijuana law a national model for how to promote medical privacy, social compassion, and security in administration."
Fourteen other states, including New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Maine, have effective medical marijuana laws. This year, more than a dozen other states, including New York, Illinois, Delaware, South Dakota, Arizona, and Kansas, are considering medical marijuana laws. The District Council of Washington, D.C. is working on a medical marijuana law expected to be implemented by the end of this year.
Under current Maryland law, medical marijuana patients are provided with a limited affirmative defense in court, no protection from arrest, and no safe means of access to their medicine. Patients can still be given a $100 fine that results in a criminal conviction.


Yesterday at 6:07p Helpmeimsick

I live in Maryland and no dispenceries have come out of the wood work well not yet I believe they wre going to make it like pain management clinics will be where the state starts I believe that's what was said on the news

Yesterday at 5:31p Ask Jan

-- If you are trying to get your doctor to recommend medical marijuana and he or she says no, remember this... your doctor works for you, not the other way around, tell him or her, that you want to try mmj to see if it will help relieve the symptoms and problems associated with your medical condition. DO NOT take no for an answer. If your doctor says no, tell him or her that you are tired of the way they are... (see full post) treating... you, that you want and need a doctor that truly cares for you and is open minded to all possibilities. If they are are not willing to help you, tell them to pack up your medical records and hand them to you as you walk out the door in search of a doctor that is more interested in what you want, than what they want. Tell them to shush and get on the pot... the face of medicine is changing as we speak.


Yesterday at 2:45a Ask Jan

We actually believe good things are coming your way. Florida may be one of the next three states to legalize medical marijuana. I cannot believe I just said that, do I delete or post? I choose post!

18 hours ago moses

Global warming is real, every year we use more kilowatts to cool ourselves Seeing how we have lost so much, I'll believe when

Yesterday at 12:02p PapaGanja shared a link Hello Friends! Hope everyone had a great Easter and 420. Wishing you a pain-free day of happiness and peace.

Thank you for considering... us for your legal medical needs. Better Medicine.... Better Living.™ Papa Ganja


Sunday at 8:19p augiemoore38

happy 420 bill an Jan hope its a good one


Yesterday at 2:48a Ask Jan

Hi Augie, I am sure we said thank you, but I do not see it here. Bill said you and your son are coming for a visit in May. Looking forward to seeing you!

23 hours ago augiemoore38

yeah I was chating with bill and me an my son were starting to make planes and it never fells,mom real sick and back in the hospital,new drug they are giving her spost to help from her getting every week,and now she was so low on red blood cells she had little heart attack and lost the use of her legs again, ER dr said it was caused by not having a lot of red blood cells to carry oxygen there her body,she does not... See Full Comment look good,so we are going to postpond our trip please let bill know. and say a prayer for her. thanks JAN you guys made a mark in our lives. thanks

Sunday at 3:23p bhoeygopez12 > Sierra Sativa

Lets be buds...


Sunday at 3:15p bhoeygopez12 > Ask Jan

Hi Jan im Bernard just wants to have good friends here in Camarillo...


10 hours ago bhoeygopez12

Oh thanks for the info i will check the place this still new here.

10 hours ago bhoeygopez12

What about you are you from Camarillo?

Sunday at 3:13p bhoeygopez12 > Kyle Kushman

Hi dude just wants tomhave good friends here in Camarillo...


Sunday at 3:12p bhoeygopez12 > BrunoPinho

Hi bro im bernard just wants to have good friends here in Camarillo


Sunday at 12:28p Hittdogg17 shared a photo

Happy 4/20 everybody!!!


Yesterday at 2:51a Ask Jan

Thanks Hotdogg, same to you. Is this pic from your patch?

Saturday at 7:02p jason132 shared a photo

this is probably the biggest plant, how's it looking?


Sunday at 12:43a scwibbert

Looks good!

Sunday at 2:17a jason132

they are really starting to smell now, just makes me more and more anxious! LOL! Thank you

Saturday at 3:44p Sierra Sativa shared a video

Video Thumbnail
What is cannabidiol? Sanjay gupta Reports...


Sunday at 12:30p Hittdogg17

That's the stuff in the plant that is the real medicine. Doesn't get you high though. Helps epilepsy patients with seizures. Wonder drug. ..

Saturday at 3:40p Sierra Sativa shared a video

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Take a closer look at what Terpenes are and how they react within the cannabis plant.


Saturday at 12:06p jason132 shared a photo

should I worry about the torn leaf? Or does it really not matter


Saturday at 5:54p jason132

if you mean those white dots that was my fault, I forgot to integrate vermiculite within my soil so I decided to sprinkle it on top, further realizing my mistake

Yesterday at 2:53a Ask Jan

Bill wants to know what medium or soil you are using. Is that bagged soil, or something you mixed together?

Friday at 5:38p gman4201975

Iam a 38 year old male who suffers with back pain every day,for this pain I take 16 to 20 prescription pills everday. On top of that I take 5 anti-seizure pills, 2 anti-depression pills, and 4 hypertension pills.Taking these pills is not the problem,the problem is the side-effects.The side-effects of my medications are...dizziness,loss of appetite,thoughts of suicide,slurred speach,memory loss and I have also... (see full post) aquired a slight stutter.Recently I have started self-medicated (I guess some would say)with marijuana and the differences blew my mind.I started eating again,I started spending more time with my wife and kids because I was no longer depressed,the stuttering totally vanishes when I use marijuana,but most impressive to me is I can actually feel an un-believable decrease in pain.So I ask you..."Why would anyone want to take the man-made chemicals that I have to take,and suffer the side-effects of these chemicals when such a wonderful,natural and much safer medication in which the benefits are far more greater than the side-effcts".I know alone one is not so loud but together our voices can be heardloud and clear.LET IT BE OUR DECISION,IT'S OUR LIVE!!!!!!


Friday at 10:12p moses

Welcome to club of believers. I've been there, still there. not that it's a contest, 25 year pain patient, if you need advise your in a good place here

Saturday at 1:41a Mendocino Mike

Freedom [free-duhm] Noun DefinitionWebster's Dictionary
1. the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint:
2. exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc.
3. the power to determine action without restraint.
4. political or national independence.
5. personal liberty, as opposed to bondage or slavery: >>>... See Full Comment />Hmmm... I'm feeling a contradiction in terms, something seems to be askew....

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