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7 hours ago greenvisa

Credit Card Processing for MMJ Dispensary..Please call 865-441-1020


7 hours ago fkuszak

Tax the Pot Heads ,Fix the Pot Holes ! Vote Yes !


17 hours ago Rainabo shared a photo

Wonder what this fly is thinking...... Haha


about an hour ago Sierra Sativa

I think the fly is stuck!

17 hours ago Rainabo shared a photo

Pit bull a very nice 6ft. Wide plant, this one seems to grow wider than taller than some.. But it is huge and looks so great!! ??


17 hours ago Rainabo shared a photo

Very beautiful 8 ft. Tall purple cheesequake.... notice the apple I put next to it so you could imagine how big the plant is at this stage in life, with possibly 3 more months or a little longer to go until she is done. Cant wait to see how much bigger she gets!


about an hour ago Sierra Sativa

Very nice indeed, hopefully we will get to try this one...

18 hours ago Dr Larry

Hello we do supply medical marijuana and medical marijuana cards you can text (973) 910-1335 for more details if only you are serious please


17 hours ago Chivahouse_313

Do i call the number you posted?

17 hours ago Sierra Sativa

This guy is a ripoff artist, please don't be fooled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 hours ago Chivahouse_313

I live in Walla Walla,WA, I am trying to find a doctor who will grant me a marijuana card, Does anyone know of a doctor in Walla Walla,WA? I have no car to be traveling to distant places just to go see a doctor.


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Monday at 3:18a Kimmy Kush and Friends > DRDPEPPY

ALBANY, N.Y. — A bill that would expedite access to medical marijuana for severely ill patients in New York will head to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's desk.

The Republican-controlled Senate passed legislation Monday night that would create a "special certification" for patients with a "progressive and degenerative" disease or whose life or health is at risk without the drug. Those patients... (see full post) would be allowed access to medical marijuana before the state's program officially launches in January.

The bill would allow the state Department of Health to suspend certain requirements, allowing it to immediately award a license to grow and distribute the drug, which critics have said may open the state up to a lawsuit.

Parents of children with rare forms of epilepsy had urged lawmakers to support the legislation, traveling repeatedly to the state Capitol to push for its passage.

Colorado Supreme Court upholds firing of pot smoker

"This will help a select group of patients that may not survive as they wait for the Compassionate Care Act (New York's medical marijuana program) to be fully formatted and in place," said Sen. Joseph Griffo, R-Rome, Oneida County.

The Senate passed the bill by a 50-12 vote after the Democrat-controlled Assembly passed it last week.

It now heads to Cuomo, a Democrat who has not signaled whether he will sign it into law. Cuomo's office could not immediately be reached for comment late Monday.

New York State Sen. Diane Savino (Photo: PR Newswire)
The bill had won support in recent weeks from Griffo, who voted against a bill last year that authorized the state's medical marijuana program.

Sen. Diane Savino, D-Staten Island, spoke out against the legislation, which she said could lead to legal complications that have the potential to delay the launch the state's medical marijuana program in January.

Savino helped lead the effort to legalize medical marijuana last year.

"We need to stay the course we have set," Savino said. "We are on the right road. We will have full access for all patients, not just cherry-picking the suffering of some — even if they're sympathetic."


Monday at 9:35a bentley1


Sunday at 8:15p DRDPEPPY

ihave nervs fired upcoming from neck


Sunday at 7:30p DRDPEPPY

anyone know if medical marijuana legalized in n.y.


Monday at 3:19a Kimmy Kush and Friends

See above >>>

Sunday at 3:17p Crow

Can anybody help.can I just use canna A-b with no additives.. I'm running a nft tank with 50ltr


Saturday at 11:19p bentley1 > daywalker20



Saturday at 11:06p bentley1



Saturday at 1:48p rekcor3

Seeking an Eastern Washington MMJ forum. Spokane area. Anyone know of a network?


Saturday at 2:41p rekcor3

Or is this just a place for people to slang?

Monday at 3:28a Kimmy Kush and Friends

This is a forum !

Thursday at 6:19p VanWillow > Ask Jan

Hello, I am writing to you hoping you could help me with my pain management. Having just been diagnosed with lung cancer and I no longer want to ingest THC in any way. Thus, I am praying that I can simply use a topical form of Marijuana to treat my extremely painful fibromyalgia. I was hoping you could be able to offer some advice on dosage? I have some Rick Simpson oil I would like to add to my 30ml jar of arnica... (see full post) cream but I am not sure of how much oil I can add safely or effectively. Would anyone there be able to help??? I have only been able to find recipes on line that make the cream base from scratch and I simply don't have the energy for that these days. Any assistance would be immensely appreciated.

Sincerely and with kindest regards,



6 days ago Kimmy Kush and Friends shared a video

Video Thumbnail
Cannabis Concentrates


6 days ago Kimmy Kush and Friends

SACRAMENTO, CA — Marijuana concentrates are protected under California’s 1996 medical marijuana law, a state appellate court ruled last week.

In a unanimous decision, a three-justice panel of the 3rd District Court of Appeal reversed a ruling issued previously by El Dorado Superior Court Judge James R. Wagoner that a medical marijuana patient violated probation by possessing concentrated cannabis.(see full post) />
The ruling stemmed from the case of medical marijuana patient Sean Patrick Mulcrevy, who was charged in 2013 with unlawful possession of concentrated cannabis, a misdemeanor, causing him to violate his probation because of a failure “to obey all laws.”

A probation search of Mulcrevy by a sheriff’s deputy turned up 0.21 grams of marijuana concentrates and 3.33 grams of marijuana. Mulcrevy, 22, had a physician’s recommendation for medical marijuana and had purchased the concentrates from a local dispensary. He testified that he did not apply to the court for permission to use medical marijuana, but believed he was complying with the terms of his probation by using the medical marijuana with the recommendation of a physician.

In their ruling, the appellate judges determined that concentrated cannabis “is covered by the CUA, and there is insufficient evidence (the defendant) violated his probation in light of that conclusion. Therefore, we also conclude the court’s error was not harmless and we reverse the trial court’s judgment.”

The decision continued, “‘when the CUA was approved by voters 18 years ago. Marijuana was defined as “all parts of the plant Cannabis sativa L.,whether growing or not; the seeds thereof; the resin extracted from any part of the plant; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the plant, its seeds or resin.”

The opinion was authored by Associate Justice M. Kathleen Butz, with the concurrences of Presiding Justice Vance W. Raye and Associate Justice Cole Blease.


6 days ago brookedingess > Ask Jan

Hey Jan!
I am reaching out because I am involved within the marijuana industry over in Colorado, and have a few questions concerning powdery mildew. Is product contaminated with PM safe to smoke and ingest? When using PM products over a short and long term of time, what are the effects? And is it approved by the Health board to distribute product that has PM residue? I would just like to get some more hard... (see full post) facts about what is actually safe to give to my patients and customers. Thanks so much, hope to hear from you soon!
My e-mail is
Thanks :)


6 days ago Sierra Sativa

PM can lead to respiratory infections. If you happen to have the aspergillus mold, you will contract a lung disease called aspergillosis, for which there is no cure. If someone with a compromised immune system smokes any moldy or mildewy product, the resulting infection could kill them.
This is why I use things like Eagle20 as a preventative, no amount of infection is acceptable to me or my patients.

1 week ago bethnvegas > Ask Jan

I am reaching out because I was hoping to publish your Honey Oatmeal cookie recipe on our website, Please let me know if we can have your permission. My email is Thanks much, Beth


1 week ago Sierra Sativa

Hi Beth,
Jan says you are welcome to publish the Honey Oatmeal cookie recipe on your website,… thank you for asking!

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