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20 minutes ago SandraRainsDeBusk shared a link


20 minutes ago SandraRainsDeBusk

This person has been reported for scamming people.

21 minutes ago SandraRainsDeBusk


21 minutes ago SandraRainsDeBusk

This person has been reported for scamming people. :(

5 hours ago Fiestyautumn64 > naturalhigh



5 hours ago Fiestyautumn64

Hi everyone this room I'm newbie I'm Jenny nice meet yall


15 hours ago ogalex

Faded woop


23 hours ago RiddleMe

More ammo in the fight to educate those that don't know the truth ,,,,

"New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia was a strong opponent of 1937 Marijuana Tax Act and commissioned a report prepared by the New York Academy of Medicine. Released in 1944, the report contradicted and infuriated Harry Anslinger and his sponsors (who had claimed “The primary reason to outlaw marijuana is the effect it has on the... (see full post) degenerative races.”) by concluding:
• The practice of smoking marijuana does not lead to addiction in the medical sense of the word.
• The sale and distribution of marijuana is not under the control of any single organized group.
• The use of marijuana does not lead to morphine or heroin or cocaine addiction and no effort is made to create a market for these narcotics by stimulating the practice of marijuana smoking.
• Marijuana is not the determining factor in the commission of major crimes.
• Marijuana smoking is not widespread among school children.
• Juvenile delinquency is not associated with the practice of smoking marijuana.
• The publicity concerning the catastrophic effects of marijuana smoking in New York City is unfounded.
Therefore, according to the La Guardia Report, the basis of prohibition was without foundation."

The whole report is here,,,,,


Tuesday at 5:08p Marthab1978 shared a photo with Ask Jan

Hi Jan, I'm in desperate need of help I have notice that the leaves on my blueberry cheesecake started to curl n twist I have tried everything I can think of nothing has work I have no clue to what this is Please Help!


17 hours ago RiddleMe

What is the PH of your soil/medium? looks like a PH issue, also looks like it is outside? I would get the soil tested

Monday at 3:41p Bill Hembree

“Penalties against possession of a drug should not be more damaging to an individual than the use of the drug itself; and where they are, they should be changed. Nowhere is this more clear than in the laws against possession of marijuana in private for personal use ...” Jimmy Carter 1977"


Monday at 10:01a tcronin0887 shared a photo


6 days ago Ask Jan shared a video

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Where there's smoke, there's fire! Find out what happens when a small town must decide whether or not to legalize a budding industry.


6 days ago Ask Jan shared a video

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"Cannabis Cured My Cancer!" - Exclusive Patient Interview as American Wakes Up to Weed


6 days ago Ask Jan shared a video

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Medical Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells and Stops Seizures CNN


15 hours ago Hollyboy

it's not a proved, but I think like them

6 days ago aucado54

Looking for some coaching on making a MMJ salve/ointment for someone with major muscle cramping/tension AND arthritis. Also am a novice grower...


6 days ago Ask Jan

Take a look through the "Experts" page, you will find what you are looking for...

6 days ago ajamu19 > Kyle Kushman

What are the requirements to legally grow marijuana in the state of Georgia, if not Georgia what close state should I look into?


6 days ago Ask Jan

You might wait until it is legal to do so and save yourself a whole lot of trouble and 5-10 years in prison...

15 hours ago Hollyboy

"Ask Jan" what you say about?
if he`s just came at police station and ask question, nothing bad will happen

6 days ago Errall > Ask Jan

Hi Jan
Can you help me where can I buy real hemp oil .....the Rick Simpson type please email is


1 week ago GanjaPappii

Can someone help me get marijuana in Los Angeles?


6 days ago Bill Hembree

Do you have a doctor's recommendation?

1 week ago PapaGanja shared a photo

It's been a while since I shared a photo; and our Members really love this strain. Kind of hard to find as growers don't always enjoy the finicky longer maturing Sativa. We are grateful to have found this new connection. Hope this makes everyone's day and draws a smile! Stay healthy out there...


6 days ago Ask Jan

Very nice, would love to try this strain someday...

1 week ago vspartan > Kento

Ohio needs to legalize medical marijuana,I need it, please help.


1 week ago Hollyboy

how we can help?)
just w8 and soon its happen.
Spain want to legalize, Israel already, so I think Ohio soon do this=)

1 week ago chemtangepiff shared a photo

Some of my babies after a 2-yr retirement. The makings of the new Charlotte web..... the indica version :) im back!


6 days ago Ask Jan

Very nice, glad to see you are back at what you do best!

1 week ago CannaMed > denise2152

How was your visit?

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