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3 hours ago PapaGanja

Just wanted to stop and say thank you Jan, Bill, Kimmy, and Sierra. The stories and content on this website is the most helpful I have ever seen to date in the Industry. Your compassion and commitment is overwhelming; and I am very grateful and inspired by your efforts.


5 hours ago Helpmeimsick

To wake up out of a seizure and seeing your babygirl crying worried if daddy will live through this one is the most intense feeling a father could ever feel it will tear you down that's why I'm on here trying to find help with a specific question I'm hoping someone can help me with. I don't want my family to go through this anymore and I know ACDC works for my condition and I have never herd of it let alone know... (see full post) how to get it or where I'm in Maryland and they just finally come up to par and put medical marijuana out for the state so that is cool but no where around here or close has ACDC can anyone help me like ASAP my family deserves it my wife is great we been married for 20 years and my daughter 13 she is awsome in school church everywhere she goes anyone she meets loves her the personality that girl got is awsome I need to ease their mind oh and even vape juice full of CBDs if I could get that I have found to be good for me to so can anyone help me if thank you so much I'll start the grill and have a cookout in your honor come chill


5 hours ago BobMarijuana_9597

Greetings, I have lttle knowledge of the strains you are needing. But if CBD liquid is what you are looking for, I would steer you towards Dixie Eleixers. They ship to all 50 states. Bill or Jan may know of other distributors of vaping tinctures available. I wish you the best in your search for relief.

4 hours ago Helpmeimsick

Thanks man that is awsome help

6 hours ago Helpmeimsick

Hello how is everyone today I'm new so be nice lololol


12 hours ago Ask Jan shared a photo

Attention Family and Friends! As you have seen over the past few months, we have been overrun by snake oil salespersons trying shed their skin and separate you and your money.
We are proud to announce the implementation of programming that gives us the capability of permanently banning members by IP Address. We have liberated the Directories and Forums of drug dealers, con artists and outright thieves. If we... (see full post) missed any of them and you run into one, please enlighten us right here on the social stream. The abuse had gotten so bad that when we deleted them they came back tenfold. Bill’s eternal clock was set to wake him up every few hours in the middle of the night. He would crawl out of bed, logon, delete the scourge and crawl back to bed.
It is very cool to know that we now control our portal, and when these creeps that have been lurking in the shadows try to pay us a visit, all they will see is “Access Denied”
The Directories are now protected by word recognition that is impenetrable. The only thing we still have to watch out for is new members posting garbage in the Forums and here in the Sensi Social Stream. However, that is an easy fix, and one by one we will continue to banish them from our sight.
Bill, Kimmy, Sierra and I appreciate your support through this rough period in time. Thank you to our family of friends.


15 hours ago Helpmeimsick

Hello everyone I'm mike hope all is well I am new and have a lot of questions if everyone might have some answers I need help big time


11 hours ago Ask Jan

Hi Mike, we are here to listen and point you in the right direction if we can. How can we be of assistance?

6 hours ago Helpmeimsick

Wel every where online I find looking for the right meds all say I need ACDC and I have no way of finding that heck I've never even herd of it

15 hours ago Helpmeimsick > DrJakeFelice

Well dr jake I have listened to so many drs and ain't one of them will listen to me about a couple things they just go to work like its a job flipping burgers or something no to offend McDonnellds but I just can't get my point across. How about you got a minute can you listen to me I realy need help big time thanks


17 hours ago BobMarijuana_9597 shared a link A study out of New york portends to show brains change with marijuana use. Anti-medical marijuana advocates may jump on this to try and shut down legalization efforts. Your thoughts?


11 hours ago Ask Jan

Our thoughts? In the hands of anxious and immature adolescents, marijuana is a bad thing. However, in the hands and minds of responsible adults, albeit medical or recreational use, marijuana is usually a good thing. I have to say it like that because there are always exception to the rule. What do you think, Bob?

5 hours ago BobMarijuana_9597

I am finding this issue to be very complex. I have no doubts what so ever that MMJ has great medical value. That being said, I have also seen claims that everything under the sun can be treated by MMJ. Sort of reminds me of the old snake oil salesman. My fear is that people will think it is the cure all for whatever ails them. As to recreational uses, it comes down to personal choices. Tobacco and alcohol are both... See Full Comment legal. But I would prefer if my adult children do neither. Same will go for recreational Cannabis. I hope this makes sense.

19 hours ago WINDYCITYNUGS

I got a co2 regulator for sale with built in timer. Used for 2 months. It cost me 250 on day of purchase. Asking 100 and you pay shipping. Email me at thanks


22 hours ago Ask Jan shared a video

Video Thumbnail
Published on Oct 14, 2013
Josh will sift through the propaganda, fear and greed encompassing medical marijuana. Recently featured on CNN, Josh and his brothers developed a non-psychotropic strain of marijuana which is drastically reducing seizures for many pediatric epilepsy patients in Colorado. With millions facing life-threatening illnesses, Josh outlines the hurdles needed to effect social change and maps... (see full post) a path toward helping those who desperately need revolutionary medicine.


22 hours ago Ask Jan

April 15, 2014 - 70+ Oregon Cities Temporarily Ban Dispensaries
More than 70 municipalities in Oregon have implemented moratoriums on medical cannabis dispensaries, limiting businesses opportunities in many areas of the state for at least another year.
The latest tally – reported in The Oregonian – highlights the desire by numerous local officials to take a wait-and-see approach as the state rolls out its... (see full post) dispensary program.

A law passed earlier this year gives municipalities until May 1 to enact temporary bans on dispensaries. The moratoriums expire in May 2015, though some cities will likely seek permanent bans.
“You have a mix of cities and counties that are definitely saying no and you also have quite a number saying, ‘We don’t know yet. We want time,’” Rob Bovett – legal counsel for the Association of Oregon Counties, which lobbied for the law allowing cities to enact moratoriums- told The Oregonian.
mjfactbook14storyhorizontal336 e1397581896865 70+ Oregon Cities Temporarily Ban DispensariesIn addition to the cities that have already official implemented bans, another 40 are reportedly considering such moves as the deadline approaches.
Several of Oregon’s largest cities – including Portland, Salem and Eugene – have not enacted moratoriums, and the bulk of MMJ business activity will likely occur in these areas.

The state recently started granting licenses to the first crop of dispensaries and has now approved 43 applications. It also awarded 22 provisional licenses earlier this month. Dispensaries that receive a provisional license must first install a security system and get final approval from the Oregon Health Authority before opening. The state expects to award around 255 dispensary permits in total.


20 hours ago PapaGanja

Here is information on Illinois, Oregon, and all States.

Hope this helps.

19 hours ago Bill Hembree

Hi Lucy. to obtain an Illinois doctor's reccomendation, call 1-888-392-9772 to schedule your appointment today with certified and licensed Illinois medical marijuana doctors, take care...

Yesterday at 11:17p chaniibby

MARIJUANA Should be Legal in Tampa Florida for medical use!


Yesterday at 11:51p discodave

Florida period

13 hours ago moses

Do you think he will win the vote and then face another.hurdl via pondi

Monday at 11:26a PapaGanja shared a link Hello Friends and Happy Monday! The Santa Ana's are coming today, stay cool and safe as it's going to get hot through tonight and the week.

TODAY'S SPECIAL: *** Manic Monday *** Get any Two Top-Shelf Indica 1/8's for a $75 donation. A good solution for many symptoms; we are here to help compassionately and professionally.

Thank you for considering us for your legal, medical needs. Better... (see full post) Medicine. Better Living.™ Papa Ganja


Yesterday at 3:33p PapaGanja

Thank you Lucy! Having faith that one day this amazing plant and lifestyle will be safely accessible to all in the World.

Yesterday at 4:14p Lucy_Shredder

World Wide Equality is my hearts greatest hope

Sunday at 11:02p moses

Hola everyone, I have not seen anything on here about terpenes. More information is not a bad thing. Check out this site, Jan please don't take offense. If you ever wondered why some weed smells like pine or fruit, it's terpenes. enjoy.


Sunday at 7:28p Ask Jan shared a video

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Hopegrown Pictures presents an in-depth look at the pride of Oakland, California, Oaksterdam University. A unique training and education program, Oaksterdam provides current and relative information and instruction regarding the ethics, business, laws and cultivation of cannabis and its byproducts.The only university of its kind in the US, Oaksterdam provides a remarkable education opportunity: a safe and welcoming... (see full post) community of people dedicated to the understanding of cannabis as a medicine and means of social change.


Sunday at 7:23p Ask Jan shared a video

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Cannabis Career Institute: Interview with Bob Calkin... a must watch video!


Sunday at 2:00p Thcforwellness

Hi guys! I'm excited to join and hope to meet a lot of great people!


Sunday at 6:55p Ask Jan

We are here for you, welcome aboard!

Sunday at 8:23p BobMarijuana_9597

Welcome. Please don't be shy. We all try to get back to everyone as soon as possible.

Sunday at 1:42p GySgtSam

Hi all hope everyone has a great day. Now cam anyone tell me how much pot and how many times a day you should do it.


Sunday at 8:24p BobMarijuana_9597

My rule of thumb is to always start small and work up till desired effect is reached.

Monday at 11:29a PapaGanja

Hi, the only thing I'd add here is try many different strains and ways to consume. Make it a fun experiment for your symptoms, take notes, and then you'll find what's right for YOU. Peace, good luck and remembers to enjoy.

Sunday at 8:27a TXn4MM

My aunt suffers from gout. Which types of MM might help her? I read an article from a guy that must have smoked the wrong variety, because it made his pain worse. Also, I once ate a bit of a brownie and it made my CIPN terribly worse. However, I didn't get a recommendation from a MMJ staff person that knew what to recommend. I must have gotten something that helps people with depression, instead.


Sunday at 7:07p Ask Jan

Hi TX, copy and paste this link into our browser, or, click on "medical uses" at the top of the page, When the page changes, click on the green button, "see the full list" and you will find it there >>

Saturday at 2:48p PapaGanja shared a link Hello Saturday Friends! Just finished my Taxes! Ouch, now that brought on some chronic pain and anxiety. I'm focusing on my breathing... Hope your taxes and day are going to be amazing! At least more than mine. :)

TODAY'S SPECIAL: ***Weekend Warrior*** - 5 Gram 1/8th's all weekend to Irvine and surrounding cities in South OC. Pain management, insomnia, anxiety; we are here to help legally,... (see full post) compassionately and professionally.

Thank you for considering us for your legal medical needs.

Better Medicine. Better Living.™ Papa Ganja


Saturday at 2:35p kelseywade shared a photo

spreading the news


Sunday at 12:12a Ask Jan

Hi Kelsey, I am sure you could bring a lot of attention to our cause. Thank you for the links, Jan :)

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