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about an hour ago Jindal2

Yeehhhhhyyyyyy. Go D C. That mayor has balz!!! Wish we had strong leadership in our state. Now I really wanna go see D C


2 hours ago CEOdRo5

Wer would I b wit out dis shyt!........ Only God knows.... #kushtheworld


2 hours ago ejenks99 > organamike420

Email me at , id like to ask you a few questions if that's fine


4 hours ago ejenks99

I'm looking for a place that can provide me with a delivery of medical for low prices? Any suggestions in need of my medicine and whats coming off the streets isnt what im looking for


3 hours ago DrKent

Where are you located (zip code)?

3 hours ago ejenks99


5 hours ago Mikeson

Medical marijuana avalable at very affordable prices.....and also we do provide means for MEDICAL can contact for more detail
email..... or
text or call .........(973) 910-1335


9 hours ago Jrome

Good afternoon.. I just moved here from Oregon. And I have two titanium plates and twelve screws in my right hand also I sister from severe chronic pain. Where do I locate a doctor to get my medical card here.. I live in Oakland Park


9 hours ago Jrome

Suffer** not sister

10 hours ago CEOdRo5

St. Mary's kush.......


9 hours ago Jrome

I just moved to Florida from Oregon.. Where can I find a doctor to get my cannabis card here in Florida

2 hours ago CEOdRo5

Idk bruh I'm n seattle, it recreational here, the most I can tell u is Google cannabis docs in the area u in

12 hours ago healthstores

We are designed to make it simple to buy a wide variety of our products. We have a very high customer satisfaction rating. Our product list is really rich.
Our delivery is fast and secured. That is the reason we shipped via UPS,USPS ,FedEx, DHL, etc
We guarantee all our products are 99.8% pure or you will receive a full refund. We believe in only selling the best quality and the purest products.
To... (see full post) place your order, contact us for more information about the product you are interested.
Call/text us NOW on 240-397-8937.

Quality Medical Marijuana 240-397-8937


4 hours ago ejenks99

why do people make fake accounts?

Yesterday at 6:20p Aarbear93 > Ask Jan

hello I am trying to figure out a place that will allow me to get my medical marijuana card. I have depression and do not want to take depression pills. I need help in finding a place


Yesterday at 10:51p tmorris911

Depends where you are. Check out and they have a pretty comprehensive list.

Yesterday at 12:28p tmorris911

I got a medical card in California and went to a dispensary. They had MMJ teas that they said were "tinc teas". They said to just put them in hot water and make tea like normal only these have medicine in them. I took a couple samples (Raspberry Zinger and Chamomile). I'm skeptical of these items for three reasons. 1) The medicines in cannabis are water insoluble so you can't just boil water and extract... (see full post) any THC or CBD 2) These teabags looked, smelled and tasted (when prepared) like regular Raspberry Zinger and chamomile 3) no oily cannabinoid sheen on the surface of the prepared tea and 4) no effect at all after hours of waiting. I've dissolved other edibles in tea before and always there has been the herbal aroma, a sheen on the water and they work great. Are these people trying to rip people off or did I just do it wrong and waste good medicine? Anybody know?


13 hours ago BobMarijuana_9597

Get a magjicbutter machine and make your oil oils. A teaspoon in a cup of tea and you are good to go.

6 hours ago tmorris911

That's definitely on my wish list. I'm still wondering though about the items that this dispensary is selling as medicinal, but don't seem to be.

Yesterday at 6:27a susha shared a link


Tuesday at 6:22p VaporPlants shared a link Sad to see someone who cares and actually is there to help is being taken away from the person they care about. A father was trying to help his daughter with the pain with cannabis oil form, this is a touchy subject.


Tuesday at 12:59p ladonti > Ask Jan

will fungus knats hurt you flowers and how. will they stick to the bud


Yesterday at 12:50p tmorris911

Fungus gnats are laying eggs that hatch into larva that feed on the roots of your plants (never good.) The gnats are a nuisance (they fly around and buzz in your face) and they can spread any diseases from one plant to another (never good). They can be controlled naturally by not overwatering, using a bacterial (BT) insecticide, predatory mites and beneficial nematodes. Get those in most good gardening stores or on... See Full Comment the web. Good Luck!

Tuesday at 9:43a Natural Wellness and Edibles shared a video

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Saturday at 4:41p Jindal2

RIP HENDRIX STEELE. 5/25/14-2/14/15


Monday at 6:09p moses

Heaven holds arms wide open
Tears of sadness, shall pass

Saturday at 9:09a Natural Wellness and Edibles

Natural Wellness & Edibles Delivery Service
NJ's 1st Delivery-Only Caregiver
Check out Weedmaps for the full Menu.


Saturday at 2:16p Shelby

You deliver to indiana right LMAO jk jk

Saturday at 9:08a Natural Wellness and Edibles shared a video

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Nasio Fontaine - Africa We Love


6 days ago Shelby

Hello, My name is Shelby and I am SICK of INDIANAS laws that discriminate against me getting a correct form of treatment that is less detrimental to my body than the pills that "could" work for me. Is this really what has come of most of these states? I hate those who run my state and the fact they wont even listen to the side of the marijuana. MICHIGAN, TAKE ME NOW PLEASE.


6 days ago moses

Rise up fallen fight, rise up and take your stance again,
For he who fights and runs away lives to fight another day.
You are young, you will out live these people, time is on your side

6 days ago Shelby

I cannot wait to see what time has in store for me!

6 days ago moses

Rise up this morning, smile with the rising Sun, three Little birds, outside my window
Singing sweet songs, of melodies pure and clean. Singing this message for you, don't worry about a thing. Cause every little thing is going to be all right. Praise God in his infinite wisdom
The. Three birds represent the trinity. Holy spirit, the father and son
Jah Rastafari


1 week ago SethGreen1 shared a link Article on me from Israel. Its down at the bottom of the page


Saturday at 11:17a SethGreen1

The company that was trying to help me get to Cali one there guys was trying to pull a fast one an it would land me in jail for a very long time .... While they was supposedly trying to help me get out west. The real only professional video of me explaining how i hurt with Cerebral Palsy an more was taken down and i can not find it. I had to start my own fund to get out there . Man i had my stuff packed and... See Full Comment ready to ship and they called me an made up some excuse of why i can not come. I made a video telling the people why i left the company.

I have other over seas articles on me. I should have been in Cali a year ago.

Saturday at 11:19a SethGreen1

An thank you... I know its Gods plant and they used the plant to heal and cure people. (The state Gov. Tennessee) is going against my religious rights

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