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about an hour ago aplusorganics1 > skyewalker


5 hours ago richard4201 shared a photo

Anyone know what's going on


5 hours ago richard4201

Just started after two weeks of flouring

3 hours ago Sierra Sativa

If you are talking about the color purple, it appears your flowers will be that color.

Yesterday at 7:33p smansfield

My wife and I are trying to decide on 2 CBDs. One for anxiety and depression, and one for pain...ANY feedback would be appreciated.


Friday at 6:27p ajasso21774

I have lost my card and am trying to replace it..Where do I enter the info?? Shit is driving me crazy!! Can someone help?


Friday at 8:39a Jindal2


Friday at 8:40a Jindal2

Oklahoma's new push for MMJ--- please get involved

Friday at 8:40a Jindal2

Thursday at 11:12p Jindal2


Thursday at 11:09p Jindal2


Thursday at 11:13p Jindal2


Thursday at 11:08p Jindal2


Tuesday at 2:21p jasonrsummer

I moved back to Port Orchard May, 2012. I have lived in midwest for last 10 years, I was Non-commisioned officer in charge of Central control in the United states Disciplinary Barracks. On my third deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom I was injured by an improvised Explosive Device, the blast caused Traumatic Brain Injury and some hearing issues. I am unsure of what to think or do. I want to get off... (see full post) of all my prescribed medications from the VA however Marijuana is still not federally legal/supported by the VA. I was considering using CBD RSO for pain but am unsure how marijuana in any form will impact my TBI issues. My phone number is 3607102588 and my personal e-mail is I really want to believe marijuana in some form will help me. I currently reside with my Mother in Port Orchard Washington. She still views marijuana as a drug that I need to stat away from as my brain is healing/re-routing from all the damage I caused to it. I hurt frequently because of the crash I have 2 compressed vertebrae, I'm prescribed acetaminophen from the VA however I avoid taking it because I don't want to further damage my liver and other internal organs. Can someone please give me a call in re: to all of my conditions and what I should be doing as far a medical marijuana so that I can no longer be taking any prescribed medications from the VA. I currently take meds for: PTSD, Restless legs, anxiety, depression, and hypertension. Please call/text me in re: to what I should be doing as far as what strains, ways of intaking marijuana, etc. I just randomly picked you out of all the options because your profile things says something about you being very tntelligent and was hoping you would knoe quite a bit about medical marijuana and might be able and willing to help me with some insight on if or how I should be using medical marijuana or if I should be veering away from marijuana all together in till my damaged brain has more time to heal on it's own. If you can't/won't can you please point me in the direction of someone who will help me with medical marijuana advice? Thank you and I hope you are doing well. My phone number is 3607102588 I am not very technologically advanced so I am not on the computer very frequently. My eamil is linked to my phone so I get e-mail's quickly also, my email is


Tuesday at 12:44a hottmomma2

is there a chance that Georgia can offer me a medical marijuana card? i have been depressed for far too long and my anxiety is going to make me loose all those who care for me. i need help please.


6 days ago vurgun shared a photo



6 days ago garyegen

I do have the answer to indoor growing electric bills. I want to help our country become green


6 days ago weed farmer

whats up? just trying to connect with somebody.


6 days ago dirTEA > Baba

Seen you may be getting a good size set up going and wanted to introduce you to a product we have been testing and putting into use over the last two years. We call it dirTEA and it is a colony of over 1200 beneficial microbes working together to increase fertilizer up take all while encapsulating salts from fertilizer build up. We have experienced shorter grow times with larger yields and increased potency great... (see full post) for soil as well as hydroponic set ups. You can email me at if interested thanks for your time and stay up!


1 week ago leelizard420

Helllooooooo lovely peoples :)

basically found out ive got COPD just don't no to what extent yet, recently left hospital after a severe asthma attack and while i was in the doctors found emphysema in my throat and lungs :( anybody have any info on where i can get oils and what type ill need and what dose as i have no idea at all what to do or where to start, any help would be greatly appreciated even, i... (see full post) do live in the UK so legality wise there isn't anywhere I can get it over here, I can get hold of enough bud to make oils but not as good medicinal quality as the USA and wouldn't no the best medicinal way to prepare really, if anyone would prefer to email me at that's no problem thank you in advance much love to you all x
if this is the wrong place to post i do apologize xx


1 week ago Cannabislove15

Hey friends!

Groovy site! Any BUDTENDERS on here who would like to chat ??



1 week ago Acalazans

Hi young lady!!?

1 week ago moses

Pray for Jimmy carter


1 week ago ActivateSoilActivateLife > Ask Jan

As I have been reading many articles that have been posted, I am starting to see a common thread,
many growers are having multiple changes growing! What are 3 to 5 of the biggest challenges to keep the canna healthy?


1 week ago MarijuanaWriters

We are a small startup company that writes all things pro-marijuana. We focus everything surrounding the legal marijuana industries. We are an advocate for ending prohibition on marijuana. Please check out our website at and our blog at Stay lifted my friends!


1 week ago Herbal meds

Wanting to start up a delivery dispensary in ga as soon as possible. Any ideas about first steps would be much appreciated.....


Tuesday at 12:16a Sierra Sativa

You might want to wait until it is legal in Georgia before you implement your plan.

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