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7 hours ago Leon > drgreenrelief

We live in Southern Indiana and suffer from chronic pain, wife degenerative disc and joint disease,I with lower degenerative disc along with blown right shoulder, 3e need a confidential person to contact here for medical marijuana, buying from the street is to dangerous, can you help us, we are both disabled and hate the opiate journey do to developed intolerance, something to control the pain without the risk of... (see full post) overdose and addiction is what we are searching for, I spent 24 years in law enforcement did not agree with Indiana druglaws then and even more so now, please contact me at with any help you can provide.


9 hours ago jkr678

Have 3grams kief would like to know how to make tinture to vape


Yesterday at 7:13p HighlandHere

Hi, my name is Adam. I live in Knightdale North Carolina. I would like someone to invest in my well being. I can walk dogs or whatever. Pick up weed from the store for you. I live at my mom's house and would like to move across the country. I have no money. I have had money before and trust me, it feels good helping someone get on their feet. If your smart about it. my number is 9197200488. Thank you for at least... (see full post) reading this and visualizing my opportunity. : )


Yesterday at 5:28p tejas42

Hey everyone I have chronic pain can this medical marijuana really work with out all the paranoid and spacey feeling?? Just want to make my pain more bearable


9 hours ago chemtangepiff

A nice indica would help a lot.... any afghani strain is what i prefer.... 20+ yr complete lower lumbar compressed.....

Thursday at 7:00p Frankie

Hi everyone ,I'm New to site and just wanted to greet all of you.I was also wondering if there was any friends out there from my home state of Delaware.Please give a shout back.Thanks


Thursday at 6:30p chemtangepiff shared a photo

My purplebillypiffberry i been hanging onto for yrs..... now alive again! :) cracked some seeds n kept the top indica pheno n now here she is.... a foot tall with 20+ main tops. Djshorts blueeberry backcrossed n stabilized with purple erkle then crossed with ec piff to save the strain... :)


Thursday at 6:22p chemtangepiff shared a photo

Hey billllllllllll guess whos growin again!!!!! Skunkberry at 17 in tall with 40+ main tops.... 2ys off was the hardest.... should b back on here regularly now.


Thursday at 2:37a hurtmyneck > earson

I need help with managing my chronic pain, The pills are killing me


Thursday at 7:19p Ask Jan

Give me some more information.
I too have chronic pain from an accident some years ago. I have been using a new product (to me). A glycerine and honey preparation. It has been working better than anything I have ever tried. 1 teaspoon in the evening before bed.

Thursday at 9:15p BobMarijuana_9597

You have my full attention Jan. Spill the beans on this miracle elixer.

Thursday at 1:19a Clairewagz shared a photo

<3 bloomroom sf


Wednesday at 3:16p stevie24 > AngelaMarijuana_3227

Hey what's up?


Wednesday at 6:15a Bill Hembree shared a video

Video Thumbnail
"WEED 1" - A CNN Special Report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta


Wednesday at 6:12a Bill Hembree shared a video

Video Thumbnail
Dr Sanjay Gupta's "WEED 2" Documentary


Thursday at 6:10p chemtangepiff

Just watched it... the other day... i moved too!! :) nj shops are going under due to these sad laws.... hope all is well bill n jan... been through a lot these past few months with the move. Im already creating a indica dom version of the Charlotte web... im BACK bill!!!! Fingernails are dirty :)

Tuesday at 8:15p Free bird 57

How can I invest in it I guess would be the best way to ask ? It will soon be here in Florida and I would like to know how without having a lot of money.


Thursday at 3:24p BilLopen

1 shares coast some like 50c, so its no so expensive...

Tuesday at 8:12p Free bird 57

I want to be a distributor in fl . So how can I go about doing it? I just want to sell it not grow . Is that possible and who would I Contact ?


Thursday at 3:27p BilLopen

High Times on facebook, or just wright in google search forum medical marijuana, in them you find people what you need=)

6 days ago Ed Kaiser

Please let me know what Laws are in place to purchase the Vapor Liquid for e-cigaretes that has the THC in it. I need something for depression which won' t have the distinctive smell of Pot. I personally love the smell but I need a much less obvious means to enjoy the THC. Does anyone have a Vapor they suggest?
What are the laws concerning transport of the Vapor Vials over State Lines versus Tops or the Candy?... (see full post) I am also interested in the candy but I want to be very careful when transporting any products through Airports or Roadside Stops by the Law Enforcement Crowd...I would appreciate any advice...Thanks...Ed


Tuesday at 4:53p Bill Hembree

Ed, we cannot recommend that you do anything illegal. Crossing state lines with marijuana is almost always against the law. Where do you live?

1 week ago kmk401

anyone using x Nutrients and getting good results ? for the price it dont seem bad but you also get what u pay for so is it worth a shot or no im trying to get better quality and taste i have used fox farm and advanced im just looking for a better way and not over pay for a name on a bottel


Monday at 8:29a RiddleMe

The only 2 nutes I would consider are DynaGro Foliage Pro for Hydro and Jack's Citrus FeeD for soil/soil less, check out the results I get with Jack's and T5's here,,,

1 week ago Rising_Wolf

Hello, I recently received a rec in the SF area but im running into a problem getting the medicine. I dont have a California ID yet and the dispensaries I've looked at all require this for entry. Does anyone know a place where utility bills and a copy of my lease along with a passport or state id will be acceptable? Im near Mountain View if that helps. I have started the process of getting a license but have to go... (see full post) back to the DMV to take the written test which will mean getting time off work (a several week process...) Thanks for any help, or if you can direct me to a better place to ask Id be very grateful


Tuesday at 5:04p Bill Hembree

Hi Wolf, click on "directories" at the top of this page, after the page changes, click on "directories", then follow the prompts to search for a dispensary near you by using your zip code or search by state, county and city... there are plenty of mmj dispensaries in your vicinity, call each one and ask them, some will, some won't, but we don't know which ones will... good luck, take care...

Thursday at 1:22a Clairewagz

If you are in the city proper SPARC will let you go with just a passport, and bloom room will let you go with a passport/out of state id+proof of residence

1 week ago coloradommj shared a link To browse our Colorado dispensary reviews and get all the latest info on Colorado's emerging legal MMJ market follow's company page on LinkedIn.


Monday at 3:17p Hollyboy

guys have news, about new perspective company from Canada, whose grow medical marijuana
thats link for them.

Thursday at 6:15p chemtangepiff

Dont even get me started hahahaha :)

1 week ago horsen54

I am a diabled Veitnam vet amputed right hand and crushed left, L5-L1 my lower back has sever Artheritis, I really need help, sadly I live in ohio, my pain has gotten almost unbearable


Tuesday at 5:17p Bill Hembree

Hello Horsen, sorry for the delay. I have a friend in your area that may be able to help you... if you are interested, please let me know...

1 week ago mkeele

I am new to this site and I would like to kind anyone in Kentucky. I was recently charged with growing and I was just self medicating for my condition. IS there any advice you can give me and maybe a group i cab get in to help the legalization.


1 week ago Bill Hembree

Co to and -- both of these organizations have expert resources and the most current information that will help you determine the best approach to a well thought out defense.

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