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4 minutes ago neocide

Does anyone know if it will be able to be prescribed for existing depression and anxiety when made legal for medical use here in Florida?


18 hours ago vnrg609 > amy22

Warning: There is no,,,,,,,,,, MUDI.AKA.ORGANSCLEANER@GMAIL.COM,... (see full post),,,,,,,,,, etc.. Only the big scammers hiding behind these names. Unfortunately I am the one of their victims. Be careful and don't trust them and in any of their "stories" They are all scammers!!!


9 hours ago Bill Hembree

Dear vnrg609, thank you for posting this information, you are correct in every sense of the word. Everyone (worldwide) needs to be vigilant in their effort to make these names and email addresses known. No one should order anything from anyone in another country, and if you are hoping to find a provider in the USA, be sure to type the sellers email address and phone number into your browser (separately) and see... See Full Comment what information the web has to offer on these individuals... I assure you, it's not pretty...

Bill Hembree / President /

Yesterday at 7:47a Errall

Hi can someone help me please ,where can I find canabis oil the Rick Simpson hemp oil


Yesterday at 7:50a Errall

My email address is

Yesterday at 7:36p Hlschrock shared a photo


Monday at 11:04a Kayluminatti

Someone please read! My grandmother mas nueroapathy a problem with her nerves and muscle function she has little circulation in limbs and is I'm excruciating pain her weekly shots and high dose of pain killers don't touch her anymore and make her feel nauseous we live in south Florida does anyone know of a doctor down here who can evaluate her for a medical marijuana card? Someone please point me in the right... (see full post) direction thanks !


Yesterday at 7:38p Hlschrock

Florida is voting to go live on medicinal end Nov I believe so get out a vote for Grandmother!

4 hours ago Terryobright1957

I also suffer with Diabetic peripheral neuropathy. it is painful and I have found some relief with using a product made by a woman named Diana Campbell, her products are named Diana's World Canna Beauty Skin Health the specific medicine is foot and muscle butter and it is amazing. I use it for everything itches, arthritic joint pain, toothaches, and the neuropathy pain. She has a $20.00 small bottle, but honestly... See Full Comment if your gonna order it I recommend the larger jar if you can afford it. Its like $80bucks but it works better than prescription drugs. Let me know if you are interested.

Sunday at 9:12a kmk401

got a problem i got 6 healthy plants 1 of the six is stuck in early flower lil pea buds with white hairs was thinking it was slow and week and catch up to the rest but they only have 1 week left before i flush and harvest and my next army is ready to go in after that but it still leaves me with the stupid should take a lost or toss her in the woods for the rest of the out door season


Sunday at 12:34p BobMarijuana_9597

She is a weak plant. Pull her and relocate outside if possible. Keep your plan for the next crop on schedule. Just my thoughts on the matter. Milage may differ.

Monday at 12:42a Bill Hembree

We agree with Bob,,, sorry for the delay...

Saturday at 7:18p Bill Hembree shared a video

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How CBD kills cancer cells...


Yesterday at 7:49a Errall

Hi can someone help me please ,where can I find canabis oil the Rick Simpson hemp oil

Saturday at 7:14p Bill Hembree shared a video

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CBD kills cancer cells...


Saturday at 1:26p coloradommj shared a photo

Indica strain from Colorado Alternative Medicine on Broadway in Denver


Saturday at 7:02p Bill Hembree

That looks good, what strain exactly?

Saturday at 7:56a kimcarney > Kyle Kushman

medical marijuana

I am trying to find a doctor in my area who will prescribe me medical marijuana


Saturday at 7:00p Bill Hembree

Hi Kim, where do you live?

Friday at 2:22p KRAZYK420

Hope all is going well Bill dad sent you a email if you could get in touch it would be great during these rough times he's having Thanks..........


Saturday at 7:04p Bill Hembree

I'm looking for his email, don't see it yet, 300+ more emails to go...

Yesterday at 2:58p KRAZYK420

I understand Bill I will tell him to use my email but we are both on GMAIL and his will be jb69692012@ and mine is krazyk4202014@ so if you could just search those out on your email account there should be a few we have sent you. Thank you for your time I know you are a busy man. thank you so much again...........

Friday at 3:25a prialama shared a link with vivala tiket pesawat


Friday at 3:24a prialama shared a link with vivala homestay


6 days ago gsdelivery shared a photo

Green Shield Medical Marijuana Delivery Los Angeles has a knowledgeable staff that can answer many questions you may have. 1-800-2inhale


1 week ago moses

Is there anyone that is treating chronic back pain with cannabis without opiates.
Is it possible? How much flower,or what form do you medicate with,how often. Have you gained enough relief
Or do yo still need a break through opiate to relieve the worst pain. I am a shut in so any input would be appreciated peace


6 days ago moses

Wow, Jan, I think you got me on the jaws scale for whose got the best scar story. How much per day and how often. After taking all the pills for twenty five years. The problems I am having from med. Is . As bad or worse than my disability, I will always wonder if I lost my eyes from oxicontin. If it didn't it accelerated the condition,

Thursday at 4:07p moses

I pray I can make that choice too, thank you for sharing. I hope I can get by on just canabis, everyone's pain is different. I know people who have to excersize 2-3 hours per day, to maintain mobility. I think you may have heard about my therapy pool. So many with so much suffering. And the common thread is how our medicine is making us sicker. It hard to bite my tong all the time. Knowing there is a better... See Full Comment way

1 week ago Shamrock

Hey everybody, i'm new here. Excited to meet some like-minded people, it looks like im in the right place. Just want to say I hope everyone is doing well. I am currently employed at a small collective, if anybody has any questions about anything i'd be more than happy to try and help.


6 days ago Ask Jan

Hi Shamrock, glad to see you here, what state are you in?

1 week ago zap1969 > Helpmeimsick

I am very sick and i pray i can grow and make my medicine in time ?I need real info on all i would never send anyone any $$. So many rotten people robbing from sick people they have to stop and the only way is do not send them anything.


1 week ago Shamrock

Hey there, wondering what it was exactly that you need info on?

1 week ago CDWarner

My father has stage 4 prostate cancer and after being ravaged by radiation and chemo I need to get him on a MM program immediately. He's very old school and would prefer a method that doesn't involve smoking/vaping and if possible low psychoactvity. I've been reading about RSO but concerned about snake oils as well as gauging potency that might jeopardardize his mobility. He tends to fall easily due to his weakened... (see full post) condition. Thank you.


1 week ago CDWarner

Ok. thank you. Do you have any experience with tinctures?

1 week ago moses

Yes, but I don't like alchohal, I have used rsooil, sublingual tincture, why do you like that. What's your advantage with tincture? My mom is the same way. Until I made cookies , no way she would do that, first time she medicated she went without her pain med, sleep aid and was dumb founded that people made such a fuss over this flower. We had a day, watching movies, a swim at the pool, and of course, she thinks... See Full Comment I had some special fruit, it was so good. Making cannbutter is the easiest way to extract the med. Once you make your cookies, test them, you maybe need two then give him half of what you needed. After what he has been through you don't want to scare him. Peace, we are all in this together

1 week ago UncleRuckaz

Good Morning, time to rise and fly!


1 week ago Hollyboy

have no need to fly, the reality is getting better every day. Scientists from ALPC every day are more able to cure illnesses that marijuana. World comes to realize that the natural product is better chemistry. In Spain passed a law legalizing medical marijuana, Europe joins US, Canada adn other. All is well

1 week ago Leon > drgreenrelief

We live in Southern Indiana and suffer from chronic pain, wife degenerative disc and joint disease,I with lower degenerative disc along with blown right shoulder, 3e need a confidential person to contact here for medical marijuana, buying from the street is to dangerous, can you help us, we are both disabled and hate the opiate journey do to developed intolerance, something to control the pain without the risk of... (see full post) overdose and addiction is what we are searching for, I spent 24 years in law enforcement did not agree with Indiana druglaws then and even more so now, please contact me at with any help you can provide.


1 week ago Bill Hembree

Leon, do not purchase anything online... the web is thick with thieves that will use your desperation to fleece you for all that they can. Write to me at >>> I may know someone than can help you...

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