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7 hours ago mackokush

We got top quality buds of various strains. sour diesel, og kush, grand daddy, blueberry,girl scout and 954-580-6894


2 hours ago Jindal2

Which lab does your testing???

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Saturday at 5:31a shanelle1414 shared a photo with tawniirvine

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2 hours ago Jindal2

Which lab does your testing???

Friday at 5:18a petermac90

UNBELIEVEABLE BUT TRUE!!!!!!!!! for more than 10 years now,i have been suffering from testicular cancer,and one of my friends linked me with dr JJM from Global Bud Dispensary who gave me a wonderful treatment and now i have regain my health.he has medical weed and hash oil which is very effective.


3. CANCER... (see full post) ALL KINDS
4. ALS

here is his contact: (720) 772-7615
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Thursday at 11:44a canegron

hello I was wondering... will smoking marijuana irritate my silent reflux or should I use a vaporizor to help relieve the pain.


Thursday at 5:32a moses

Dear high beam, I like to see new ideas and products. What we dont like is ppl selling oxi, or weed here. The owner is on this page telling you this.
Jindal2 is a friend , BE NICE.


Thursday at 7:26a Jindal2


Wednesday at 9:00p Bill Hembree

Please do no be fooled by any of the offers on this website to supply you with medical marijuana or any other "drugs". This is an informational site and we do not sell anything but advertising. A handful of shack-hackers, mainly from Russia, Cameroon South Africa and Los Angeles are responsible for all of these posts and they go by a different name each time they post. They have hacked... (see full post) their............... way...... around our... security software and we have not yet been able to sort this out. We have the ability to ban member's I.P. addresses, however, these conmen use state of the art I.P. roaming development software and besiege us daily with their garbage. All of these hacker thieves are professional rip-off artists and they will fleece you for anything and everything they can. .We intend to rectify this situation ASAP.
Thank you, Bill Hembree/ President/


Thursday at 7:26a Jindal2

Thanks Bill

Yesterday at 3:55p Ask Jan

Jinda, you are a super hero, thank you for checking in so often and pointing out the scammers to our friends and gated community.

Wednesday at 12:26p High Beam shared a photo

The High Beam Solar Lighter Bong is waiting for your interest to take hold. Believe me, it will!


Wednesday at 12:44p High Beam

I wonder if Jindal2 is going to call me names too. What's that all about? I just posted, lets see how long it takes. It's 9:42 AM (pacific) 11-25-15

Thursday at 7:24a Jindal2

I only bash the 'obvious' scammers. Your product has my interest

1 week ago moses shared a photo



1 week ago ctexidor

Will be traveling on 23 Nov 2015, to Israel to study CBD manufacturing of Pharmacia grade 24% CBD, with <0.35% TCH made out of Industrial Hemp


1 week ago JAW48

What do you know about Phoenix tears?

1 week ago JAW48

I was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and have read some compelling information

1 week ago Mercurious1

I'm a young Grandmother of a 5 year old beautiful girl living with a DIPG tumor. She has just finished radiotherapy and is doing well right now. We gave CBD oil throughout treatment and now continue along with homeopathy. Just had a follow up scan and the tumor has reduced by 20%. Has anyone here had experience of DIPG?


1 week ago moses

God help you , bless you

1 week ago moses shared a link with AshleyRoachclip So now there is a study . I knew that, I know that .


1 week ago AshleyRoachclip

I'm curious to know how testing will prove or disprove some of our (the growers) wacky theories. Just how much CBD is the right amount? etc.

1 week ago AshleyRoachclip shared a photo

Welcome to Oregon


1 week ago 7800 E Jefferson apt 607

I need some cannibis not talk about it


1 week ago AshleyRoachclip shared a photo

Let's see.


1 week ago AshleyRoachclip shared a photo

At what point does it stop being canibus and become art?


1 week ago AshleyRoachclip shared a photo

My pot folio.


1 week ago Sierra Sativa

Those lying bastards!

And, it’s certainly not the first time.

...and it won’t be the last.

But it still pisses me off.

Just because they had a billion dollars in the bank, didn’t give them the right to do what they did.

Just because they had interests in the paper and chemicals industries...

But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

You see,... (see full post) the whole story started in the back dining room of a posh gentlemen’s club in downtown Manhattan.

In 1937.

Around the table sat a select few of the wealthiest men in America.

You can imagine the names.

After all, they’re still famous.

The fish was fresh. The wine was vintage. All in all, it was a great dinner.

But now it was time to get down to business.

Profits were to be made.

Obstacles must be moved aside.

Little details like the truth could not be allowed to slow the wheels of progress.

They had done their homework, and the analysis was clear as a crisp winter morning.

The flourishing hemp industry was costing them money.

One easy-to-grow crop was being used to make paper, textiles, food and medicines. It didn’t require fertilizers.

It didn’t require expensive irrigation systems.

It didn’t require new seed strains or patentable technologies.

In a nutshell, hemp had to be eliminated.

And so it was.

A concerted and organized process was put into place.

Movies were made. Books were written. Stories were told.


Laws were passed.

Even though it was clearly a superior product, that George Washington himself had cultivated, in April, 1937 hemp was declared a dangerous drug that was banned from being grown in our country.

Never mind that agricultural hemp has no psycho-active properties.

Never mind that you can’t get high smoking it.

Never mind that there are over 25,000 products that are made from this miraculous plant.

What was not good for these few men, was deemed as evil for the entire country.

And the rest, as they say, was history.

But why, you may be asking yourself, is Bruce ranting on about this?

What the heck does it have to do with me?

Well, bear with me a few more minutes, and all will be clear.

If you know anything about my story, you know I’ve been fighting this injustice my entire life.

I’ve risked more than you can imagine.

I’ve lost more than I care to remember.

I’ve spent countless hours staring at a bleak prison wall, knowing I was innocent and they were guilty.

To say the least, it has not been easy.

But fortunately, today the times they are a changin’

People have woken up and pulled the wool off their eyes!

With a mighty roar, hemp is sailing into the mainstream on billowed sails!

So yes, I am still pissed off at the cruel injustice of all I’ve seen.

My eyes still fill with tears when I hear the stories of lives worthlessly ruined because a few billionaire assholes had to rake in even more profits.

But luckily, I am also heartened because real progress is now being made.

And that’s why I’m about to do something I don’t usually do.

I’m going to ask you for your help.

No, I’m not going to ask you to write your Senator.

No, I’m not going to ask you to tie yourself to a hemp stalk.

No, I’m not even going to ask you to sign a meager little petition.

Instead, I’m going to ask you to look your best.

I’m going to ask you to crank up the sexy in your wardrobe, and treat yourself to a bit of real luxury.

I’m going to ask you to click a link and purchase a pair of truly awesome Hemp Blue designer denim jeans.

And by doing so, you’ll be accomplishing two really significant goals:

First, you’ll be sliding your legs into some of the coolest, most comfortable jeans you’ve ever worn.

The kind of jeans that last for years and only get better as they wear.

And second, you’ll be taking a stand in favor of American grown, processed and manufactured hemp products.

Now let me be honest about two things:

First, it’s true that this first run of Hemp Blue jeans are made mostly from cotton right now.
That’s because it’s so damn hard to find ethically manufactured, quality hemp fabrics that we were forced to start out using the finest American cotton we could find.

Second, it’s true that I’m madly in love with one of the founders.

By now you know I’m a straight shooter, and I didn’t want to leave any doubts.

I LOVE Hemp Blue’s products.

They’ve brought in a truly awesome Italian designer named Alfredo Settimio. And boy does he know his stuff.

These jeans fit!

Alfredo used to work for Armani Jeans, so you can imagine how well designed these are.

So, by supporting Hemp Blue’s kickstarter campaign, everybody involved wins:

You get an awesome pair of designer denim jeans.

Hemp Blue gets the initial funding they need to be able to source quality hemp fabrics.

And I get a smile over the breakfast table!

Thanks a million for reading this rant.

Your help really means a lot to me.

Now click the link below and go buy a pair of hemp blue jeans!


Bruce Perlowin, CEO,


1 week ago jasminevar23

would i qualify if i have chronic back pain and pinched nerve? my back pain gets so bad i literally cant stand up or even walk


1 week ago AshleyRoachclip

Certainly, if you live in a Medical State. I don't how other states work but I would have documentation from your regular, or primary care doctor that are current( no more than one year) in hand in Or, WA. or Co. It makes the process much smoother. Oh yea, don't forget the cash.

1 week ago JAW48

is your oil Phoenix tears?

1 week ago janischase

The phone number you list under "FORUMS" "how to get your Hawaii medical ID card is not working. you have 877-420-8648. Do you have another number?


1 week ago Sierra Sativa

David J. Barton MD
91-896 Makule Rd.
Ewa Beach, HI

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