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13 hours ago Brooklyn

I have constant back pain which stain is good for me?


17 hours ago arisbens

Reliable supplier of medical marijuana. We do supply varoius different strain such as Sativa and Indica. And by so doing we provide assitanse to our customers by advising them on strain in us and also counseling them as well.
Our strain are strictly for those above age. Strain is really good for pain and canncer

This is our strain list

Acapulco Gold, Afghan Kush ,Afgooey, AK 47,... (see full post) Alaskan Thunderfuck, Apollo 13,
Banana Kush,Big Cheese, Black Cherry Soda, Black Magic Kush, Black Rhino, OG Kush, Black Widow, Blackberry Kush, Blue Haze, Blue Thunder ,Blue Widow ,Blueberry Blueberry AK.. Blueberry Haze Blueberry Kush Blueberry Yum Yum Bluecheese Blurberry Bubba Kush Bubble Berry Bubble Hash Bubble Kush Bubblegum
Cali Gold Cali Hash Plant Cali Orange Bud (C.O.B.) California Dream Chronic
Durban Poison Firewalker OG G-13 Purple Haze Girl
Scout Cookies Grand Daddy Purple Grape Ape Green Poison… Jack Herer LSD Mango Kush Mr. Nice Guy Northern Lights NYC Sour Diesel…… OG Mango Orange Widow Piezel
Pineapple Express Pure Power Pure Power Plant Purple Bubba Kush Purple Cheese.. Purple Haze….. Purple Kush Purple Passion… Reggie Rhino Diesel Runuponyah Sensi Star x AK47 Skunk #1 Sky Walker Skywalker OG Kush Sleestack X Skunk Sloppy Bowl… Smelly Guy Snoop’s Master Kush Snow Wreck Snowcap…
Sour Diesel Sour Grape Sour Kush Sour OG Sour OG Kush Sour Russian Strawberry Cough Strawberry Diesel Strawberry Kush Super Lemon Haze Super Lemon Skunk Super OG Master Kush Super Silver Haze.. Super Skunk.. Super Sour Diesel The Magic Triple Diesel White Haze White Rhino White Russian White Skunk White Widow..

*Super Silver Haze====:Grade AA+
*Real OG ;============:Grade AA+
*Super Skunk;=========:Grade AA+
*AK 47 Kush ;=========:Grade AA+
*Blueberry Kush:======:Grade AAA+
*purple Kush :========:Grade AA+
*SOUR DIESEL:=========:Garde AA+
*GRAPE APE ===========:Garde AA+
*OG MANGO KUSH =======:Garde AA+
*BLUE DREAM ==========:Garde AA+
*GIRLS COOKIES =======:Garde AA+
*WHITE WIDOW =========:Garde AA+
*BLUE DREAM ==========:Garde AA+
*Grand Daddy,P========:Garde AA+

NOTICE: SEEDS and GRINDERS are also available
Also note our quality is the best you can fine ….+++pp


Text ;;; (971) 220-7042


Yesterday at 8:34p Jindal2 > jerry henshaw

Has your product been tested for molds, pesticides, THC and CBD content? Most here have medical issues.


Yesterday at 5:44p dholzer > Ask Jan

My wife has cervical and hand tremors. Any recommendations for a product that would work for her?


Yesterday at 1:30p brainpain > Ask Jan

Hello Jan
I'm 50 in pain, take way too many prescriptions. I've found cannabis to be helpful, till recently. Smoking is not working and my chest just doesn't like it.
Is there an easier way to make a quality tincture, oil, etc... I've tried most, the everclear and a water distiller method works but not reliable.
A strong fast acting something that can go under my tongue.
The specialists don't... (see full post) no how to classify them. I've heard them called cluster, migraine, and cluster migraine as one. A series of small strokes brought on by 480 volts, I'm tired and sick of all the pain killers I'm on. I'm not comfortable leaving my house some days. What a terrible feeling not to mention the quality of life has disappeared.There was a Dbs system implanted in the hypothalamus region of my brain in 2006. No help sorry to say! Not a very good cook, love science and fast cars.
Any suggestions? The faster I can get it to work the less pain I will.experience!!


Yesterday at 9:41p BobMarijuana_9597

Get your self a magical butter machine. Makes the best tinctures with very little worries on your part. We got one and it is great. PM me if you want more information plus I may have a $25 off coupon code.

Yesterday at 11:38a moses

Oh my Jamaica is legalizing Ganga, could this be the bargaining of rapture. With the spiritual force of an army of rasta, praying for the healing of this world. Let Jah be praised


Yesterday at 2:17a ipodman65

What's the latest on the Alabama medical law?


Friday at 3:37p Nic Ann Abiss

Is there anyone in SE Michigan in here? Need good contacts for multiple purposes...


Friday at 1:44p SethGreen1 shared a link The Mendocino County California Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the creation of a marijuana ad hoc committee Tuesday, while stressing the two appointed supervisors will only be engaged in potential economic impacts to the county, and not creating any legislation.


Friday at 1:19p Natural Wellness and Edibles shared a photo

Check out the new Menu on Weedmaps!


Friday at 12:03a sunseekeer47

If you do a little more research you will see that HPTLC testing is the best for botanical substances way before these machines were put to use this type of testing has always been the best and by far the easiest and cheapest
Independent research comparison of the 3 types of testing and a video plus information on all testing Information and a video + a independent study of the 3 major testing procedures... (see full post) GC-HLPC-HPTLC methods visit:
Correct information makes us all more aware and in the long run will give a standardized way of testing which is not currently available. Do your research be aw


Thursday at 10:46p MissMaryJanesEdibles shared a photo


Wednesday at 6:26p Xillos

i just posted some questions in the CA forum, can someone help out?


Wednesday at 5:48p thefamilymengodhouse > Ask Jan

yes im trying too find out how can I get this for me I do have pain and my back and legs


Wednesday at 7:05p moses

What state do you live in

Wednesday at 8:32a ShereeKrider shared a photo

Kentucky heart patient relocates to Michigan, receives medical marijuana legally and then an experimental pacemaker … it gets worse from there!
Ms. Erin Grossman Vu, a legal resident of Kentucky who has been disabled for some years with congenital heart disease, relocated on 10-5-2013 to Michigan where she was living with relatives when she was accepted into a Medical Marijuana Program.
“I was first... (see full post) diagnosed with Supraventricular tachycardia. My first event happened when I was still working as a nurse. My heart rate popped up to 250’s & sustained. I’ve been shocked by the paddles. Have been seen in every ER in Metro Louisville for the SVT I was having. I had three cardiac ablations done here in Louisville and the fourth was done in Lansing by Dr. Ip. After the 4th ablation, I began having slow heart rate events where my heart would drop to 32 bpm no warning & have to sit down or will pass out. Blood can clot at 32 bpm.”

She is one of less than 350 souls in the Nation to have this type of experimental device implanted directly into the heart on 7-10-14.

She said that her new heart problem arose before moving and Sick Sinus Syndrome occurred when she was unable to use her CPAP machine during an ice storm and electric was down.

She was selected to participate in this St. Jude Medical study by the Nation’s leading device implant Cardiologist, Dr. John Ip of Lansing, MI.

In December she returned to Kentucky and re-established her citizenship here. She had been referred to a Cardiologist in Lexington Kentucky for follow up care. However, after the Lexington Cardiologist received her records he refused to treat her and she has yet to be evaluated by him.

In December she was treated for sustained bradycardia, a slow heart rate, at Louisville’s Norton Surburban Hospital on 12-17-14.

Pacemakers are supposed to prevent slow heart rates however she still continues to have cardiac events, chest pain, and shortness of air.

St. Jude Medical and the Lexington Cardiologist (who shall remain unnamed) have refused to answer why the patient had a slow heart rate with a pacemaker and have refused to give her care at this point.
St. Jude Medical has refused to investigate as to why a cardiologist would refuse to see a pacemaker patient under their study. The FDA has been contacted about the product manufacturer, St. Jude Medical.

“I’m supposed to be interrogated by February 6th. I don’t have access to the technology needed to communicate with my device. St. Jude Medical, the manufacturer set me up to have care assumed by a very specific cardiologist in Lexington. Only about fifteen people in Kentucky have this device. I’ve had no resolution, I’ve called all the proper places.”

“The Lexington Cardiologist won’t see me, period, as patient or study participant. The Lexington study nurse told me I can’t have two cardiologists. The ONLY reason I’ve been verbally given, doesn’t make sense for a "study", I would have had to cancel a cardiac stress test I had done six days ago. I’ve been in chest pain since 12-17-14 when I had a sustained low heart rate with a pacemaker.”

At this time it seems that Ms. Grossman Vu is a seriously ill Heart Patient without a Doctor to care for her. The question remains whether or not this is due to the Medical Marijuana designation she received in Michigan, or the fact that the “leadless pacemaker’s” is in experimental status. That being said, she was set up with a Lexington Physician who specialized in this according to her Physician in Lansing Michigan. So what IS THE REAL REASON why she is being rejected by this Cardiologist?

This issue will be followed up.

Erin Grossman Vu can be reached at



Wednesday at 3:13p moses

Thank you for sharing I don't know if you will find an answer here. Personally I feel there are things the medical profession can do well, well no one else does these things. To refuse a pace maker because of mmj. I don't think so, they might feel a fear of litigation, if success is a low chance. I was refused spinal fission because of the chance of failure seen in past patients, even though I was an athletic,... See Full Comment young, damage was took severe, I had a five percent success
Get another doctor. Two of them turned me down , they did me a favor

Tuesday at 7:24p hanifsatrio

hello everybody , iam from indonesia and iam study at medical faculty . i hope i can have many news about medical marijuana at here . thankyou . sorry for my bad english .


6 days ago Jindal2 > rollandsteve

Has your product been tested? If not, your waisting time on this site. We all have medical issues and require mold free, pesticide free, organic meds. If you cant deliver that; stop posting!!!! Dwaynewhite!!!


1 week ago SethGreen1 shared a link Can medical marijuana curb the heroin epidemic?


1 week ago BeamerBoy

I am suffering from severe depression and the only thing that helps me is good quality medical marijuana which is not on the list of uses recognized by Health Canada - I hope this changes as with me it really helps. Anyone else with same experiences?


Friday at 3:25p Nic Ann Abiss

You could always move to Michigan and give me a ring, I know we take medicinal cards from other states also.

1 week ago verlin

how ca get a card


1 week ago BeamerBoy

where are you located?

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