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2 years 9 months ago colombian > Cadillac

Hi to all. Here in COLOMBIA we live a DRUG WAR. Many of us agree with the Medical use of the Marijuana and we are looking for Dairy Milk Production support. Skype user: agromerchant.
Thanks in advance.


4 years 1 month ago Cadillac shared a photo

I got a polyploid as well. It's a Pine Death Artner, I've only got two seeds to come up further than the top of the soil, and this is the nice one so far. I've got six seeds left to try. Haven't found much info. on the strain, so any input would be appreciated. Thanks.


4 years 1 month ago Matt Rize

never heard of it. nice pic tho

4 years 1 month ago Cadillac shared a photo

This pics two of the five, F1 B. Grimm Thunderfuck I started around three weeks ago. It'll be a while till I can sample these. Although still fun watching the grass grow.


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4 years ago RE: Sensi Social Post Smoked! I was hoping you'd pass it this way Kushman, damn.

4 years ago RE: Sensi Social Post It's escos stuff from over at sannies shop. DNA's Chocolope x Cocoa Kush from DJ Short. One of the one's I've read about and had to try. And they've been out of stock over there for a long time. Saw esco telling people he was going to make these again, so I just watched sannies till they came back in a couple weeks ago.

4 years ago RE: Sensi Social Post Look's sweeeet man. What's risin'.

4 years ago RE: Sensi Social Post Yeah Matt. In high school my science teacher would show an episode once a week until the entire series was through. It was great. We'll also end up in Ithaca quit a bit and the Carl Sagan walk takes you around the commons ending up at the Sun. It's pretty cool. We go to the Grass Roots music fest the end of July there. I'll post some pics of the awsome gorges around the area.

4 years ago RE: Sensi Social Post Got some great idea's brewing there Larry. May I say, we'd like to be hearing from you for far more than the next five. My wife is a grad of the CIA in NY, and would like me to grab your book here soon. How do members get their copy around here? Keep that positive vibe rolling friend.