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3 weeks ago Bow > Kyle Kushman

Hi Kyle, I am looking into growing indoors and have built my own closet unit . Can you give me your best advice for lighting from seedling to harvesting? Thanks for your time Bow T.


3 weeks ago Kimmy Kush and Friends

Bow, Kyle is off doing important things, nevertheless, high pressure sodium lights are the most widely used lights. Keep them five feet from the seedlings and lower them down gradually, inches at a time, as the seedlings root and grow. The reason for doing this is to avoid burning the tender and to keep the soil from drying out the soil or medium before the roots are established and healthy. BTW, ALWAYS keep a fan... See Full Comment blowing between the light and the plant canopy. Take care, good luck!

2 months 8 days ago Lynn61 > Kyle Kushman

Hi Kyle your plants are beautiful. They remind me of the ones I use to grow. purple hair and red hair


2 months 12 days ago ThePhoenixCollective > Kyle Kushman

Morning Kyle - just popping in a hello (Meki)


3 months 29 days ago Dankinstine > Kyle Kushman

Hi there I just recently got my med card here in Washington but I don't have the means to grow my own plants...... So I was wondering if you might know of some collective cooperative or service that will grow your plants for you and take half the yield as composition or something like that? thanks for your time


2 months 12 days ago ThePhoenixCollective

Dankinstine just call up the collectives there in WA - they are all very friendly. If you come up with any issues - contact G.O.A.T. Labs as well - they can always steer you in the right direction. Good luck

5 months 7 days ago Rodger Sain > Kyle Kushman

I'm 16 and I have been depressed for awhile I don't even hardly ever smile and I live in Kentucky I'm not sure how to get a medical marijuana card but I have tried other ways to not be depressed but nothing has worked so I'm wanting to use marijuana to help with my depression


5 months 3 days ago kdmr

Pot can make you even more depressed as you come down. You're 16....I don't think medical Mary is your answer. Talk to your parents, or teachers/counselors at your school to get some ideas. Maybe not what you wanted to hear but the it is.

5 months 19 days ago geordiesteve > Kyle Kushman

Hi ther im new to this site could you tell him if cannabis helps with vertigo and can you take it without the high ?


6 months 22 days ago daw30 > Kyle Kushman

Hey kyle! What's your opinion on blending light spectrum's?


7 months 4 days ago di > Kyle Kushman

Hello Kyle, I have just built my first grow room and getting ready for the purchase of lighting - considering a LED option - have you investigated the technology recently? What is your recommendation? Di


7 months 2 days ago Kimmy Kush and Friends

Kyle uses high pressure sodium "HPS" lighting, therefore, that is what we recommend.

6 months 29 days ago BobMarijuana_9597

I have used CFL grow lights and LED side lights with great results. Each has its pros and cons.

7 months 24 days ago SuAn > Kyle Kushman

Hello, I have a leukaemia and I started treatment that give me side effects (nausea, loss of appetite, anxiety, depression, joint and bone pain) and I was wondering if cannabis could help me. I am not smoking though... I could eat it? Or shall I try inhaling? And which plant ot type would be the best to treat nausea and to increase my appetite again? I am a new user and dont know a lot about it and dont want to... (see full post) just take whatever I get. Thank you a lot, SnAn


7 months 24 days ago Bill Hembree

SuAn, Kyle le is busy promoting his new line of veganic soil. Do you have a mmj recommendation, in what state?

7 months 23 days ago SuAn

Hey Bill, Thank you for letting me know. Thats very nice. I am actually living in Glasgow (UK) and I am very often in Berlin since I grew up there. :/

8 months ago crossfiremama > Kyle Kushman

for a year now I have been dealing with little white worms in my buds and new shoots on vegging plants. they seem to be sucking the life out of my plants. They look like Hemp Boers but I dont see black heads on them. I use insecticides regularly but can't seem to get rid of them. I even tried throwing out the infected plants and getting new healthy ones and after a couple of months I've noticed them on some of... (see full post) my new babies and are seeing them on some of the buds from my new breeds. I have taken buds to depensories and showed them and they claim they have never seen anything like them. Can you tell me what they are and how to rid them for good. Hoping for some answers, getting very disqusted. Thanks


8 months ago moses

Major bleach and scrub job, start all over again. Like an operating room sanitize everything. If you can't bleach it salt it, if you don't like that white vinegar. Don't reuse anything but your lights.

9 months 2 days ago Fortress > Kyle Kushman

Hello Kyle (:D)
Can you please advise which strain(s) is the Best of the
"Mellowest" Mildest, Weakest in strength, Less potency, Not looking for a Marijuana that will make you Non-Functional or Paranoid and of course "Vegan" would be best, for the following:
1) Beginners - NOT STRONG !!!
2) Medical CBD Strain , Less THC
3) Relaxing, and able to relieve... (see full post) stress or Anxiety
4) Headaches, Pain,Stimulates thinking
5) Gives a Light Buzz head high and NOT a Whole Body effect !
6) Old fashion, old school weed Not a Skunks smell, Sweet taste !
7) Functional, Daytime use , High last 2 hours Not all day, Still be functional.
8) Sleep good at Night, if a person smokes a whole joint, instead of getting completely stoned after 1-2 puffs !

Most people or younger people would consider the Cannabis we are looking for to be considered as "Wack" that's okay by us !
please help US ? LOL


9 months 2 days ago Jindal2

Try golden goat, lavender, hareliquin or any sativa hybrid. Id stay away from indicas during the day but great medicine overall. Just good to be home and done with business. Almost like a xanax or ambien. Find a reputable dispensary. Good luck

9 months 2 days ago moses

Why are youcso affraid of pot

10 months 29 days ago lacethesky > Kyle Kushman

BomB IN BomB
Kyle rEally is it you how can i ask you a few question i don't c your responses
where art thou brother


10 months 26 days ago Kimmy Kush and Friends

We get over 200 emails and personal inbox questions per day, plus the questions here on the social stream. We try our best to respond to everyone, therefore, we address the questions we can answer , based on criteria that is constantly changing. You may have a better chance of catching up with Kyle o his new reality show, being filmed in Colorado for the Discovery Channel. Check Kyle out at

11 months 17 days ago Torygoz > Kyle Kushman

I'm in the process of moving, do you know if it's ok to grow medical marijuana in the 1000ft of a school zone?


11 months 17 days ago Bill Hembree


11 months 19 days ago Ameerbaby2010 > Kyle Kushman

Hello,my 4 year old son has cerebral palsy and seizures. What medical marijuana would you recommend for this?


11 months 18 days ago Ameerbaby2010

Thank you so much, and you think for his seizures this would work best?

11 months 21 days ago HighlandHere > Kyle Kushman
help needed, thanks!


11 months 29 days ago HighlandHere > Kyle Kushman


My name is Adam Jones. I am living at my mother's home in North Carolina. It is difficult for me to express how I need to move out of her home, but in any endeavor I choose I must be invested in. I have really great ideas about screenwriting and building websites. I do have plenty of time on my hands so I have been spending my time wisely making sure I can follow her guidelines.... (see full post) If any one feels empathy, I need a place to stay and can work for you around the house. I really feel like working for somebody in the cannabis industry because there is a lot of money to be made. If you want to help me, I would feel great about that. Thank you

Adam - from NC


1 year ago ajamu19 > Kyle Kushman

What are the requirements to legally grow marijuana in the state of Georgia, if not Georgia what close state should I look into?


1 year ago Ask Jan

You might wait until it is legal to do so and save yourself a whole lot of trouble and 5-10 years in prison...

1 year ago Hollyboy

"Ask Jan" what you say about?
if he`s just came at police station and ask question, nothing bad will happen

1 year ago kimcarney > Kyle Kushman

medical marijuana

I am trying to find a doctor in my area who will prescribe me medical marijuana


1 year ago Bill Hembree

Hi Kim, where do you live?

1 year 1 month ago HOPEFORCANCER > Kyle Kushman

I am in a very desperate situation. I have a cancerous tumor in my armpit that spread from my breast.
My son has stage 4 Pancreatic cancer that has matastized to his liver and stomach lining.
I had a very good friend that has made Cannibus oil for me, however when he brought it to me there was still a lot of the solvent flouting on top. (he used Benzine) I put in a well ventilated dark area, in... (see full post) hopes it will evaporate off. Can you tell me if this will work. My son and I are in desperate need of this. Can you please help me.
I have emailed many other people, no one has responded.
God Bless You. and many thanks,


1 year 1 month ago Bill Hembree

Dear Hope, after speaking with my peers the consensus is >>> (1) place the oil in an oven safe container (2) place that container inside a taller container so there is no splash over (3) preheat your oven to 250 degrees (4) place the double duo container system in the oven and bake until oil stops bubbling (5) remove from oven (6) let us know how things turn out and please respond to our post here so we... See Full Comment know you read it...

1 year 1 month ago Bill Hembree

15 -20 minutes should do it depending on how much solvent is there >>> you must keep an eye on it >>>

1 year 2 months ago lolli > Kyle Kushman

Have you published your book and or DVD? Do you have any available step by step guide into your training technique. Do you throw your soil away after each run?

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2 years 3 months ago RE: Sensi Social Post Private Stock is Kushman Genetics/Buds and Roses...:-) Thanks for the props kloneking. Respect to you ChemTange on creating a very unique strain...:-)

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2 years 3 months ago RE: Sensi Social Post Well JJ, There's one good reason you asked. Pro-tekt is a potassium silicate additive. Silica should always be added, thus diluted first, before adding it to your nutrient solution. This is because it may bind with some of the other nutrients in your solution. This could make them unavailable to the plants...:-)

2 years 3 months ago RE: Sensi Social Post I'm busy on Neither of those scenarios make any difference at all...:-)