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Cannabis World Summit 4/20 - 2013

dannimills142  (2 posts)
Monday, Mar 25 2013 at 4:38p
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Hey guys. I'm here to spread the word of this years Cannabis World Summit. You might have already heard about it, but just in case, here is some info for y'all.


It is a free online event that lasts from April 16th to the 25th. There will be some of the biggest names in Medical Cannabis from around the world. BadKittySmiles, Tommy Chong, Rick Simpson and a few more still to be announced. There will be interviews, edible tutorials and a lot more still to be mentioned.


This is the website to find out more.


And here are some videos by BadKittySmiles, showing what we should be expecting from her presentation which is on the 420 day itself! You can also go into the running to win a free pack of signed Bee Line hemp wick.

I'm really looking forward to learning some new things so I can do better with my edibles.

Spread the word and let everyone in your life know about this free 10 day presentation that might just change some lives :)

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