Hashish - Solvent Extracts (Butane, Alcohol, CO2)

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Making Hash Better For All of Us (an alternative to BHO)

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OrganaMike  (55 posts)
Monday, Jul 4 2011 at 10:30p

I have been starting to feel strongly about the issues concerning hash makers/smokers. I am shocked by how far we have come in some areas but even more surprised by the areas that we(generally grouping cannabis producers/users) are still horribly weak in, like hash making. I don't want to sound all high and mighty but if it is common to see horrible basically toxic products being sold as MMJ products to unknowing patients while finding quality solvent concentrates is difficult (at least for me unless I made it) Something is wrong with this picture and after being literally made sick by nasty solvent hash from the cup, hearing a friend tell me about his "guru hash maker" buddies recommendations for making BHO in his apartment, and hearing Montell Williams make us look like fools on TV this started to really bother me. I know that giving advice on this topic is a touchy subject but I want to do all I can to help better these problems and I think many of you feel the same. I know people are going to continue to make BHO at home regardless of the dangers so I would like them to have as much good information as possible for all of our benefit since we are basically grouped together by stereotype anyway and many of us will be consuming these products. Below is a post that I wrote in response to Grateful Meds though he wasn't asking me this stuff lol. I had to chime in and I guess people thought I should post this in the forums so here ya go : )

I used to be all about BHO and still kinda am but the more I learned the more I realized that this was a way way bigger undertaking than I originally realized and as good as I thought I was at it, I realized that I am in the pre-school levels of sub critical extractions and unless you have a very unique set of circumstances (which you... (see full post) might) making quality concentrates with canned lighter refill butane is near impossible, let alone safe. Don't get me wrong, it is possible to make quality concentrates with butane but only quality butane that is of food grade and possibly (I'm no authority on this either) pharmaceutical grade but this will not come in a can from the smoke shop. Then there are the unavoidable safety issues, without a lab specifically equipped to work with highly volatile substances, high pressure, high heat, extreme cold, and a means of protection for the qualified people doing the work/the environment (I'm sure I left out a ton more lol) quality extracts are out of most of our reach : ( there is so much that is out of our control when doing this at home. If you are going to do this, learn as much as you can. Maybe take some safety classes at a welding school or at least read/learn the necessary precautions to take. Take every possible precaution, get some welding leathers and cover up head to toe, have fire blankets and extinguishers ready. Remember that solvent floats on water and if there is a lot of it and you spray water in it it can spread. This is a huge undertaking and I'm not sure if I will ever use butane or anything similar in this manner at home again. Since I have been uncomfortable with making typical solvent extracts at home (like BHO/CO2 extractions) I have been trying to pursue a safer alternative to making quality concentrates at home. In the past I did a few extractions using dry screened kif as my starting material and they came out great. I have not had done this for a while though my hash making skills have improved since then, plus I have much more knowledge on the subject now than I did (again I want to emphasize that I do NOT consider myself as a master hash maker, more like I just started breaking off the tip) Much thanks to Matt, my knowledge of hashmaking with ice water has increased tremendously and I am starting to realize the potential there is in this process. Matt's solventless wax hung with the best of the solvent hashes and surprised pretty much everyone who tried them.(even as good as matts wax was, he felt it could'ave been better!) If water extracts can often test at 60+% thc, there isn't much else that needs to be done to improve this hash. If you really want to take things farther(especially with lower grades of concentrates) try doing an alcohol wash using your water hash. You will be able to achieve a glass or oil of the highest quality by doing this. Make sure to use food grade alcohol of the highest proof, anything under 190proof is going to have a lot of water and the more water you have means more work during evaporation. Alcohol is still dangerous and you should still take the same precautions as you would with any solvent. There are many benefits to using ice water hash for your starting material. For one, water is polar so it will dissolve the water soluble materials in the plant material which are unwanted in our hash. If you follow Matt's hash making technique properly you will be able to separate the water soluble unwanted junk from the good stuff. This is important because alcohol is mildly polar and will dissolve the water solubles along with the good stuff, that's why alcohol extracts are typically green or black and often taste bad. Another reason is that high proof food grade alcohol is easily available to anyone on the net without turning any heads which butane is kinda not lol. I'm not going to try and explain how to make hash since there are many better sources than me lol. I really am trying to turn people onto this style of hash making since I feel it is much safer for both the person making the hash and the people smoking it IMHO. You can make hash that is every bit as good as BHO if not better. Some of the most potent cannabis products are alcohol extracts like the Alta tinctures which are gnarly! I hope this helped turn you onto a safer/healthier alternative to making BHO at home and I apologize for preaching / telling you things you might already know / saying things that do not pertain to you or your situation. You might have a bad ass hash making facility and I just don't know lol. I hope this made sense and thanks for reading this, Mike

Tuesday, Mar 5 2013 at 7:57p

Oil made with everclear only tastes bad if you burn it when making it.. When made properly it is a very potent and wonderfully sweet oil, and smokes very nicely.

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