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Solvent-Free Hashish Alchemy

GreenDream  (5 posts)
Saturday, Jun 9 2012 at 3:56a

ORGANIC HAS LONG BEEN an important part of clean and natural cannabis farming.  Hashish has been created organically for centuries.  However, synthetic methods of concentrating resin glands from organic cannabis flowers have flooded the medical marijuana market with inorganic oils.  The general view on solvent extracted hash oil seems to be that a well-purged product should not contain traces of the solvent used.  As a hypo-allergenic person, I have yet to try any type of solvent extracted hashish without facing at least a small amount of health consequences.  Substances that are to be vaporized or smoked must not contain traces of any synthetic material.

     Another factor that should not be forgotten is safety.  Explosive gasses and flammable liquids should not be used outside a lab environment.  Many documented accidents have occurred to every day cannabis users making making butane hash oil.  Gasses also contain odorant, to allow people to smell the explosive environment.  This odorant chemical is included in the butane no matter how high of purity the butane bottle claims.

     For theses very reasons I ventured down the path of true purity, for extracts that are potent, tasty, safe to create, and 100% organic/veganic and additive free.

I WILL EXPLAIN how to make three kinds of extracts, one uses less equipment and is less costly to make, while the other two are more pure.  For all three extracts it is necessary to begin with very fine bubble hash or dry sieve.

     We will begin with a type of concentrate I call Soft Serve Hash.  Place your sieve or bubble hash into a boiling flask or Pyrex dish.  Add enough purified water to make a thick liquid mixture.  If using bottled water, check the label for added chemicals or salts. 

     Cook this mixture on a hot plate or stove, at a very low boil.  Stir occasionally.  You can use a magnetic stirring hot plate.  This device heats the mixture, as well as keeps it at a perfect consistency.  A vortex is a generated by a magnetic stir bar inside the boiling flask, and a spinning magnet under the hot plate.

     Heat this mixture until there is a low amount of water left.  At this point lower the temperature to the lowest setting, and let the desired amount of moisture slowly evaporate.  At this point collect your hash and place it into it's permanent storage container.  It is necessary to burp a few times per day for the first few days to ensure that the hash does not mold.  And there you have it, organic/veganic  and potent Soft Serve Hash.  The material is similar to dry sieve or bubble hash, let the heat and moisture softens the consistency, and increases the potency.  The heating process converts THC acid into THC, resulting in far greater potency than dry sieve or bubble hash.  This concentrate is great for any method of smoking or vaporizing, although it can be a bit tricky loading it onto ad dabber for skillets or vapor domes.  Hot hits with a glow rod, in a clean water pipe is my preference.

THE NEXT CONCENTRATE I will explain is the essential oils of cannabis.  This mixture has minimal resin gland content.   It consists merely of terpines of your starting material.  To create this concentrate you will need a glass on glass steam distillation apparatus.  Clean and assemble your apparatus.  At this point, follow the instructions foe the Soft Serve Hash.  The difference between the two methods is that in the uncovered boiling flask the terpines evaporate into the air with the water vapor.  When attached to the distillation apparatus, the terpines and water are collected into the collection baker.  This solution can be added to food or beverages, used as perfume/cologne, or air dried down to a more viscous concentrate and then placed on an aromatic diffuser.  Terpines have many health benefits and should not be wasted.  They also have very unique aroma by themselves in comparison to hash or flowers of the same strain.

THE FINAL CONCENTRATION we will explore is Organic Honey Oil.  While the purity is leaps and bounds beyond the Soft Serve Hash, the procedure is very similar.  To begin, make a kief or bubble hash and water mixture, and set up the distillation apparatus as described in the previous instructions.  The difference in procedure is in the heating process.  Bring the mixture to a low boil as before.  Once the mixture is bubbling slightly, the heat must be raised to around 420 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.  As the mixture rises in heat, the terpines are the first to evaporate in to your collection vial.  Between 390 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit all of the cannabinoids will reach their vaporization point.

     At this time, cannabinoid vapor and steam will slowly rise into your distillation apparatus.   Here it is cooled and converted back into liquid form.  This liquid drips down the condenser and into the collection vial.  Once the boiling flask runs out of water, the waxes and non-active resins will remain on the bottom of the flask.  Keep the heat high and the trichcome will separate from the waxy residue.

     The golden liquid in your collection vial contains only water, and cannabinoids, terpines and flavanoids.  This concentrate is very potent, and perfect for vapor dome or skillet enthusiasts.

I HOPE the provided information gives the average cannabis user a simple way to make organic/veganic oils without resulting in harm to either the hash maker or the end user.

     This information was constructed by BIGKUZ! 




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